Guys: do you like dogs?

Do you like dogs? small or big?


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  • Average dogs are just fine for me. When people say "BIG" I think of a great dane or something like that. I absolutely despise dogs with a high pitched bark, dogs that never stop barking, dogs that bite, and "purse dogs".. A gaurd dog around the house would be just fine for me.. Here's a small list of the type of dogs I like: German Sheppard, Wolf mixes, Labrador, Husky/Malamute, Golden retriever mixes, etc..

    Here's a list of dogs I hate:

    - Weiner dogs

    - Pomarraineans

    - Poodles


    ~ ArtistBBoy


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  • I like medium to large dogs, preferably with short hair so they don't shed too much.

  • There is a large variety of breeds of dog to choose from. Personal taste in animals vary greatly from person to person, although generally smaller dogs are better suited to a city lifestyle and larger dogs are better suited to a rural lifestyle. If you're thinking of giving somebody a dog as a present, make sure they accept it and it will not end up in the pound. A dog requires a great amount of responsibility and care, so please think before buying.

  • I perfer bigger dogs

  • I like german shepherds a lot! I have a cat however. He's one my best friends. [:

  • Hell yeah, I love dogs! They are just really cool pets to have, playful, loyal, protective of the house and family, all that stuff. I'm really not the biggest fan of cats, they act like jerks.

    I don't like those annoying little yippy dogs like Chihuahuas, Pomeranians, and whatever else. I'd get a dog if I wanted one, not one of those stupid little things. My two favorite breeds are Dachshunds (wiener dogs) and Boxers. Both are really awesome dogs to have.

  • Yes I love dogs,

    i like it, when I reached home after work, how he welcome, awsomee,

    i like it when he lick my face in morning.

    and he sleep in my foot always.

    and he push me to massage his head and neck,

    size, I just have small one in size, but size does'nt matter :)

  • Big, man! I'm getting a 6 foot Borzoi when I can afford it =]

  • I love dogs, especially big ones. Upon getting my own place, I'm planning to get a black Labrador.

  • i prefer bigger dogs. I don't really care for chihuahuas or poodles, I actually think they're pretty ugly. I'm more of a german shepard guy.


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  • I love dogs but I hate it when they pass away.

    Depends. I like small dogs to hug and sleep with.

    I like big dogs to protect me lol

  • i think most guys are dog lovers or they're closet cat lovers