Why do a lot of high school guys seem to date popular, dumb, flirty girls?

I'm not saying all guys do, but why would a guy want to? Why don't they date the attractive, funny, sweet, and outgoing girls?


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  • They date them for sex... I'm more of a funny, sweet, and outgoing girl kinda guy, as long as your not butt ugly I won't care to much about looks. I really just want someone I can love who will love me back for who I am. I don't care about anything physical really, I would never sleep with a girl unless she was the one, but then again I'm only in high school as of now. Some guys really will just break a girls heart to sleep with them, I would never be able to do that to a girl. Just be yourself, and express yourself without pity, and someone perfect will come. Here is a famous quote from the lead singer of nirvana, Kurt Cobain.

    "I'd rather be hated for who I am, than loved for who I am not."

    So like I said, just be yourself, and don't pay much attention to what others say, just know there will always be people out there who don't like you, just ignore them and care about the ones who do, and eventually, that special someone will come.

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  • When I was in high school, and it hasn't changed a lot, all the attractive girls had boyfriends in college or the military, several years older than them. They wouldn't seriously look at anyone their own age except the guys with expensive cars, and generally their older boyfriends had hotter cars since they had jobs or rich parents..

  • Well, maybe the "funny, sweet and outgoing girls" aren't actually attractive whereas the "popular, dumb, flirty girls" are.

  • Dumb flirty girls are easier to approach. The other stuff is only secondary to that. At that age guys are generally not a fan of the hard to get type.

  • Guys want to date attractive girls, the other stuff really doesn't matter. Girls that can flirt will get more attention. Girls who insult other girls = huge turn off.

  • They think that's the easiest girls to get in their pants, PARTICULARLY guys in high school...

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  • Its a status thing. They don't want to date someone who will affect their social status at school so they date just the popular ones. Its stupid, I went through that. Here I was thinking I was ugly throughout high school, when really I was not haha. I actually have been getting a lot of emails, facebook messages, etc... from guys who went to my high school who thought I was hot. They didn't date me because I wasn't 'cool' enough.

    Well sorry guys, but I as pretty awesome back then, and I am even more awesome now too and that boat has sailed :P

    But really, guys will get over this once you hit your early 20s. And then they will be begging to have you go out with them ;)

  • also the popular girls give out ;) haha!

    see it every day babe, believe me.

    Your guy will come, and who knows he may not even go to your school. Good things come to those who wait, don't sell yourself short, and never ever settle! :)

    • Personally I'm not too focused on dating, but trust me... I won't settle. Plus, I have a feeling my best guy friend might have a crush on me :)

  • Bc the popular girls are confident and outgoing, guys like that

    • There are girls in the "popular" group that are not confident or outgoing but guys still date them. Also, there are girls that aren't in the "popular" crowd who are just as confident and outgoing.

  • They think they can kiss good, and like the fact that they have big boobs (not realising they are really gym socks stuffed in their bras) =P Well that's why they do at my school anyway =D I realize notall popular girls are like that

  • Because they want to be popular and live in the moment where they can get the hot girls before they end up 30 and overweight & balding :)

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