Why does he keep asking me out, but brings his friend along?

this guy keeps asking me to hang out, but he always brings his friend along or his friend always happens to be where we're going? wtf? does he like me or what? and he texts me and we talk and laugh and it's good and then he's like 'are you free____?" and I go sure and he makes it seems like we'll be alone and then bam, here comes his friend. the SAME guy. isn't that weird? lol

yeah, he's shy and younger than me and I kinda tease him for being younger all the time...lol but I do it because I like him, so I revert back to third grade and poke fun at him. I didn't mind the first time but we text almost every day, still no comfort?


Most Helpful Guy

  • maybe he thinks of you as a friend... why don't you tell him to not bring his friend that simple.