Why does he keep asking me out, but brings his friend along?

this guy keeps asking me to hang out, but he always brings his friend along or his friend always happens to be where we're going? wtf? does he like me or what? and he texts me and we talk and laugh and it's good and then he's like 'are you free____?" and I go sure and he makes it seems like we'll be alone and then bam, here comes his friend. the SAME guy. isn't that weird? lol

yeah, he's shy and younger than me and I kinda tease him for being younger all the time...lol but I do it because I like him, so I revert back to third grade and poke fun at him. I didn't mind the first time but we text almost every day, still no comfort?


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  • maybe he thinks of you as a friend... why don't you tell him to not bring his friend that simple.


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  • yes it's weird, yes he could still like you, yes I don't get it either

    i know 3 other couples that are like this 2 of which are now married. for some reason the guys can't go out with "there" girl on there own. as far as I've been able to pry out of them its something of a confidence issue. some feel more confident having there friends around or being seen with there significant other by people they know, others do it because they feel the time will go smoother then.

  • he just isn't confident enough to be alone with you so he needs his "pack" he seems to have that kinda of mind especially if he feels "out matched" meaning since he is shy and younger he feels you got him by his cojones, so make him feel like you don't like for example stop teasing the poor dude its just reminding him of that

  • maybe he is bi... lol but if he isn't then he probably just has really low self confidence and doesn't know what to do when its just him and his friend is constantly giving him advise. tell him that you two need to have a date alone and see how he reacts.


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  • It sounds like he's trying to set you up with his friend. Sorry.

    • definitely not, the kid's gay. we're all friends, he's just closer to him than I am.

    • then I would take my chances asking him not to bring the guy this time. It sounds like this guy is either extremely shy or not into you. This might help you figure it out.

    • Definitely really really shy, and the fact that he's young makes him even more shy. I'll be sly and say pretend to show interest in his friend. If he notices, he might stop bringing the guy around out of jealousy lol! WARNING: this may alienate him if you actually do think of trying it