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Why do men try to make women jealous?

A coworker and I have been talking for several months now. He and I have communicated to one another that we like each other romantically.... Show More

Also, after we talked for a little while, he did tell me that I did not need to be jealous! Why? What does that mean?

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  • Judging by your age I would think this man (boy?) would act is age. Making women jealous is a guys way of making themselves interesting and challenging. This guy sounds like he is being a challenge and doing a very good job of it since you really have him on your mind at this point. I am not surprised he gets quiet when you mention another mans name, when you do, the tables turn in your favor as you are beating him at his own game.

    • This game playing gets on my nerves at times. He really does not have to prove that he is interesting to me. I already know how I feel about him and I try to let him know how I feel about him. Another thing that he does is he will tell lies about his job to try to impress me. It really doesn't. I like him just the way that he is! Thank you for your answer.

    • The game gets on my nerves too, I'm 18 so girls my age love playing it. Why don't you say how you feel about him? Pull him aside one day for a serious discussion about the two of you. Explain to him how you feel about him and that he doesn't need to lie to make you more attracted to him. By talking to him you will get a straight answer. If he does not like you the way you like him then maybe he isn't the right guy.

    • We talked several months back and we both expressed to each other that we are attracted to each other. I do not want to hurt him and I do not wish for him to hurt me. He was married and I honestly believe that he was hurt in that relationship and I wonder if perhaps he is a little afraid that I would hurt him as well. You are right! I do need to have a serious discussion with him. Then based on that conversation, we will see where the relationship goes. Thanks & best wishes for the future.

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What Girls Said 2

  • wow...he likes you what don't you get about the way he is acting? It makes sense the way he is acting. What I don't get is why you became mad at him when he said it was a joke. You have no right to get mad over that. It sounds like you are not ready to be with him, but leading him on.

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