Why would a guy say he wants to hang out but then never make plans?

Recently a guy I like texted me to say he wanted to make plans to hang out. First time was just to ask if I wanted to, second time was to say that we should hang out the next week. However, he never texted me that week to make plans. What gives?

We've hung out a fair amount in the past before but it's always been with friends...could he just be nervous of it being one and one? And why wouldn't he just make an excuse for not being able to hang out instead of just blowing me off...?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Got scared, meet a new girl, forgot ? Id go with got scared.

    • He's a pretty outgoing guy and doesn't really strike me as the type to get scared...are some guys just really good at hiding it?

    • Im good at hiding my emotions.. then again.. I do have big balls but w/e