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Why do guys like so much attention?

Why do guys want so much attention from girls?And what do they do when the girl doesn't give it to them?

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  • We are supposed topay attention to each other, no? If we don't get attention, we either blame ourselves or we get angry at girls in general for being so venal and game-playing.
    With an individual girl, we don't get upset since we know she might not be in a frame of mind for flirting all the time...we just go to the next girl, basically.

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  • This is far from gender specific. Guys go shirtless for attention, women show cleavage for attention. It's the same deal. We live in the age of narcissistic Facebook fiends.

  • I really don't care how much attention I get. When I talk to a girl and she doesn't give me the attention I seek than I just go to the next girl. There are so many girls that I can't see why I would get worked up on one.

  • Its human nature and we move on.

  • For me...its because we like being attractive,sometimes fun,and for having girl to hook up or something...
    If girl does'nt give attention to me..I'll be a little upset...for my effort..sometimes I feel like a jerk,but ussually,i don't feel something...for its just for my fun..:]

  • Are we talking about the right genders here?

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  • They want you to notice them and like what you see. If you don't give it to them they won't like your interested or assume your a bitch. smh
    return the favor pls when you get the chance link thx

  • Everyone like attention.
    Guys like attention from girls cause it makes them feel desired - regardless fo whether the desire the person paying them attention.

  • some guys are insecure

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