Why do guys flirt with so many girls at once?

Why do guys just like flirting with so many girls so much?

Ex. slappin' the girl's butt, askin' her to sit on his lap, puttin' his arms around her...but he doesn't like her in that way at all. (and he says he just like flirting like that)


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't think people know the proper word for Flirting.

    Flirting is when you say someone is VERY HOT "looks wise" when she is butt ugly and fat.

    Compliments are when you're noting something true about someone.

    So now that you know that you must understand guys like girls what are you gonna do when you like someone Compliment them or flirt my best friend I say he's awesome "compliment" because he is seriously awesome

    so now why do guys flirt lots because maybe they have time on their hands and a mouth of which can speak so yea this pretty much covers everything!