No one finds me attractive I presume. Is there any hope for the ugly girl?

I get compliments from other girls about my eyes or my hair or other small things but never once have I been complimented by a guy. I want a significant other, or at least someone who I know loves me like that but I just don't see it happening. Is there any hope for the ugly girl?


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  • many beautiful girls have not been complimented mostly because most guys are shy in high school and I bet a lot of guys think your pretty its just none of them usually have the balls


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  • No. However your life isn't over. Go to college...

  • i think your attractive ;)


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  • I hate to be the one to tell you this but you have to believe you're beautiful before anyone else does. Been there, seriously. figure out what you love about yourself and be proud of yourself. Confidence is a big factor is how attractive someone appears. Have you ever noticed that (objectively) it is't always the most beautiful girls who people compliment and want to date? It's the girls who exude what beauty they have and believe they're beautiful.

  • Look, you're not even eighteen yet so you need to chill the hell out. Not to mention posting something here to fish for compliments and dig a bit of self esteem out isn't going to work.

    1) Fucking relax. You're fine, in fact you're not even fully developed yet so I'm sure you'll be even better so just forget about it for now.

    2) You don't need a boyfriend. Once again you're not even eighteen yet. And yes, that is relevent

    3) Either way your life shouldn't depend on a boy. Or girl for that matter. But anyway if your happiness is dependent upon being in a relationship then you need to re-arrange your priorities. You are your own person and you need to live your life on your own. This world has built up love and relationship to be the pinnacle of everything, the prupose of your life. And it's not. In fact it's hardly an important thing. We shouldn't need each other because we were created as individuals and as individuals we live.

    So get off the boy binge, it seems important now but you'll, hopefully, learn soon enough that it's not that important. Relax about your looks, I"m sure you look fine and fishing for compliments just annoys every one.

  • evidently your no ugly if you get some sort of compliments...thing is ...u gotta feel beautiful and act like it, confidence is key because guy pick up on that...believe it or not my s is gets hit on all the time!even wen she looks a hot mess...and isn't even trying...but she's confident so they sense that;)

  • I think you're sexy ;)