How do you ask for the second date if the first one goes well?

Should I ask for the week after or how should I ask for a second one?


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  • the sad truth is that if you call her too soon, she might think you're a pushover, or that you're desperate.

    if you want a second date, my rule-of-thumb is to wait 3 to 5 days before calling again. and, when you call again DO NOT leave a message and DO NOT text. that's giving her too much control, and playing by her rules. I prefer to establish a good time to call during the first date, ask her "what's the best time to call when you'll actually pick up the phone?" if she's evasive or vague, I consider it a red flag that she's going to play phone tag. but if she answers with a specific time (such as "Between 4 and 8 pm") that's a much better sign.

    Good luck!

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      I wait 3 days myself. Most women I tell that to think 3 days is too long for her to wait.

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      Are you serious? 5 days? if a guy doesn't at least establish communication for that long , I think he has found another woman. I assume if he is into me, he will be dying to talk to me