He dumps me...now won't leave me alone!?!?

I was in a relationship with a guy for 9 months that was separated...then his wife moved back and he dumped me. We work together and it has been really hard on me. He wanted to remain friends which was ok for a while but I still love him. I started keeping my distance and he asked what was wrong... Show More

Most Helpful Girl

  • I am in a similar situation but, slightly reversed-I am the ex & he has found a new woman who is married & although he left me he still tries to pursue me even though I have tried to have no contact with him. I know how hard it is to love someone & wish that things could be back the way they are but, knowing it probably won't happen makes it hard to deal with when your ex keeps giving you mixed signals. Fortunately, for me I do not have to see him on a daily basis or I would go nuts for sure. First, I would like to say without hurting you that you should of realized that him only being separated was not a good thing- a separation is set up for the purpose of possibly working things out with your spouse before moving on to the final stage which is divorce. You ran the risk of getting involved with someone who apparently was not fully over there ex & now he has gone back to her. Being that he is such a self-indulgent person chances of that marriage working out is not good just because he is still trying to get with you. He loved the attention you were giving him & his ego can't except the fact that you want to move on. He is very selfish but, rest assured he does not really love or even seriously care about you or he would be sympathetic to your feeling & not make the break more difficult for you. If I were you, if changing jobs is not an option than I would flat out tell him that if he does not have the decency to back off & let you get over him you will be contacting his wife & really mean it. He needs to GROW UP & realize how he is ruining not only your life but, his wife's life by only caring about his own wants & needs. I hope that things work out for you in the future & what ever you do don't fall for his bs because it will never get better if you give him the attention he craves or even & ounce of hope that he can draw you back in again. Take care!