If a girl seems angry at you, even though you are not dating, does that mean she has "feelings" for you?

If you are wondering why she she seems mad at me, its because I though that she didn't want to talk to me at all because she would ignore me when I tried to talk to her, so I just stopped talking to her and moved on. We both take the same class and sometimes I see her on campus and she always seems like she is mad at me, when I see her and she sees me and the few times that I have tried to talk to her.

I guess I forgot to add one part: When I used to talk to her, I used to flirt and what not, to see what I was able to get from her, date wise by the way.
she is not creeped out because the first time I met her she was very friendly and flirty.
No its impossible that she heard something about me, we are from complete different programs or faculties.
If any body is wondering why it think she likes me, its because I have seen signs of her like looking at me, acting embarrassed, shy and I have seen her making a move on me, like getting very close to me in an obvious way.


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  • it could mean that she heard something about you and is pissed about that. I doesn't have to mean she likes you. who knows she could just be a one of those people that always has a stick up their butt. if you were friends before this incident then it could either be the first option I said, or that she was into you and is pissed for the reasons everyone said before me.

    • i think its because I give her signals, yet I never make a move lol. I do it because I don't want to get ignored as well. But I see your point. Thanks.

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  • Sounds to me like she feels rejected by you or seomthing. I don't know exactly what's going on but if you kind of blew her off to move on, maybe she is hurt by this and comes across as mad since it's easier this way. Maybe she liked you but was acting weaird in the beginning so she's offended now. Give more detials since it's confusing but I'd guess that she likes you or is mad you're ignoring her since she wants some sort of friendship/relationship from you.

    • A girl live in my soc i started chatting with her on facebook!! I told her that when ther was a program in the society she didn't talk to me! ! so she said i a not interested to talk with u!! i asked why but she didn't reply to me! since that time she is not talking with me!! what to do!!!

  • It sounds like she's just creeped out by you or something..

    There was never a connection, therefore there's no reason for her to act like that towards you.

    • What? your answer doesn't make sense, how can there not be a connection yet she is mad at me, why would you be mad towards somebody that you do not care about.?

    • sorry I don't understand your answer, and she is not creeped out because the first time I met her she was very friendly and flirty.

    • Well you didn't mention that.. And okay for example:

      Nice guy at my school, first met him, I like him thought he was a cool guy but I wasn't attracted to him. Then he started getting too clingy and flirty and I got super creeped out by him, I don't act mad at him though..

      If she does like you she wouldn't be a bitch to you or act mad unless you did something severe, If she liked you she would be nice as possible and charming. Maybe just ask her what her problem is.. its not that hard.

  • People don't change for no aparanent reason. There's always an explaination. Perhaps you rubbed her the wrong way unintentionally by saying or doing something she took offence to, or there's someone else she's interested in and thinks that by being off with you, you'll take the hint and just leave her alone. Possibly she's heard some backchat from one of her mates about you, and has decided to believe them rather than hearing it straight from the horse's mouth. Or maybe she's just got a lot on her plate and doesn't need you fawning over her. I don't know I'm just speculating here. If you really want to know, the only way is to bite the bullet and ask her outright rather than pissing in the wind on this site.

  • Could be yes. If I have feelings for a guy and he doesn't act the way I would like, I also tend to get frustrated and cranky about it ;).

    • so what should the guy do to make you stop bein cranky and open up again?

    • Give me attention haha

    • Weell now that you mentioned it. The other day I tried to talk to her and she was very hostile at first, but then when I was more easy going so was she, we couldn't talk though because she was in a hurry. However I haven't seen her yet though.

  • no there is no connection b/w affection for you and getting mad... wht hav you done to anger her so?

    • look at the details, when I met her I was pretty friendly and flirty, then suddenly she started to ignore her, so I just gave up and moved on. Now like I say she always looks like she is angry at me.

    • sorry I meant to say she started to ignore me not her.

    • may be somebody told her something bout u... who knows

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  • same thing with me. hung out, went to lunch and did things. She stopped talking to me one day. I have some idea's. I never made any moves on her, argued with her or asked her out on a date. She stopped talking, body language was off and no eye contact. Anyways I asked what the problem was she said "nothing". Anyways I know what nothing means "something". So I left it alone. Also during this time I am with someone.

    Stopped talking to her. She in turn continued the same. Now I think I am doing her a favor. She act like she is mad at me. I see her looking at me from time to time. She talks to her friend about me. She eaves drops on my phone calls " I sit next to her". She ask her friend where I am if I am not around "where I am at".

    So in my opinion "yes she has feelings for you". I will tell what I am doing " moving on" !

  • It could be for a variety of reasons. Perhaps she was waiting for you to ask her out and you didn't when you had the chance? Maybe she was playing hard to get and is annoyed that you have stopped giving her attention? Maybe you said something that upset her? You should backtrack to any signs she gave of flirting, or if you said anything particularly offensive when you talked to her. You should then find your answer.

    Good luck.

    • no I haven't said anything bad to her.

  • No, a woman can be mad at you for what you say or how you act. I know this because I have upset many woman that I know do not have feelings for. That might mean you are just friends.

    • Ok but what if you were not friends, but more like acquittance, I used to flirt with her because I liked her, but then she changed like I said.

    • The Question Asker does pose a ridiculous theory.. She's mad at me, so she must love me.

    • NotJustAnotherGuy: I never said that she was in love with me, sh*t get the facts straight before you talk. What I did say is that she might have liked me and since I ignored her completely now she is mad at me because I have ignored her

  • Just ask her on IM or something? Say "hey, you're not mad at me are you? I don't understand it?"

    • lol that's horrible advice. ask her in person or just ignore her if she wants to act like a kid.

    • She's more likely to blank him in real life? Unless she does indeed respond to him when he speaks to her.

    • Yeah I get you.

  • Me 2 the same situation... not even understanding this girl... she blocked me in fb after 2 months of break... she came up to me and said "HI" ... i couldn't understand what should i say... i confused and little bit anger on her... she use to stare at me in the class... once we got eye locked for a moment.. when i come near to her she use to hide her face... i stopped talk to her for a month... then i messaged her in whatsapp... she couldn't reply but just see the message... it went on for week... its really so painful and i dont even understand... what is her feeling... ? pls help me in this !!!

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