If a girl seems angry at you, even though you are not dating, does that mean she has "feelings" for you?

If you are wondering why she she seems mad at me, its because I though that she didn't want to talk to me at all because she would ignore me when I tried to talk to her, so I just stopped talking to her and moved on. We both take the same class and sometimes I see her on campus and she always seems like she is mad at me, when I see her and she sees me and the few times that I have tried to talk to her.

I guess I forgot to add one part: When I used to talk to her, I used to flirt and what not, to see what I was able to get from her, date wise by the way.
she is not creeped out because the first time I met her she was very friendly and flirty.
No its impossible that she heard something about me, we are from complete different programs or faculties.
If any body is wondering why it think she likes me, its because I have seen signs of her like looking at me, acting embarrassed, shy and I have seen her making a move on me, like getting very close to me in an obvious way.


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  • it could mean that she heard something about you and is pissed about that. I doesn't have to mean she likes you. who knows she could just be a one of those people that always has a stick up their butt. if you were friends before this incident then it could either be the first option I said, or that she was into you and is pissed for the reasons everyone said before me.

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      i think its because I give her signals, yet I never make a move lol. I do it because I don't want to get ignored as well. But I see your point. Thanks.