Should I give this really nice guy a chance?

I work with a boy who has liked me for a while now. We have been really good friends, we talk a lot and we've hung out a couple times in the summer, and we JUST recently hung out tonight. I had a lot of fun, he's super nice and it's so easy to be myself around him. The problem is I don't like him... Show More

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  • I'm in the minority here, but I don't think you should date him.

    If you have no feelings for him and don't think you ever will, you shouldn't nurture his infatuation with you. It's only going to end up hurting him. I'm a little shocked to see so many people suggesting that you should date him on the grounds of 'he's a nice guy and he deserves it.' Are all you nice guys saying that you'd honestly date a girl who had NO attraction to you, and was only doing it because she felt obligated to "give the nice guy a chance?" That's not a relationship.

    I'm all for nice guys getting happiness they deserve, but you'd be doing him a much greater good by not setting him up for hurt. If you really don't have any feelings for him, don't make him think you do. It's going to hurt him now, for sure, but it will hurt him a lot more later, once he's grown attached to you.

    • I totally agree