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I think my crush likes my best friend?

I really really like this boy but I am worried that he likes my best friend. She is the best friend you could ever have: she is fun, understanding... Show More

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  • if you don't put yourself out there now? what would you do in the future. would you always wanna be second instead of first in line? you should do what is right. if you want him go for it. if you feel like you can't than dont

  • Do NOT tell your best friend how you feel. Messengers always cripple any possibilities of any sorts. Nothing is worse than that.

    If you want to ask him out, you should develop at least a communicational relation. Meaning, that you wouldn't just say "OH MY GOSH IT'S HIM *hide behind the nearest door*" No, you could either eye contact him to make him do the first move OR you could start the first conversation. Which could be about basically anything - superbowl, how stupid that teacher was last class, etc.

    Just make sure you say Hi, initiate a subject, and when you have nothing left to say, say that you gotta go and you'll talk again some other time, bye!

    That way you would break the ice and get his attention in the first place, and if you look at him a lot he'd get the idea. I think.

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