Do you girls like it when a guy seems like he is disinterested?

I wanted to know if women like it when a guy seems like his disinterested


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  • No we do not, at least I don't. We might wonder about you but if you continue this act for too long we think you are NOT interested in us and we give up. So, if you like her show that you like her and stop playing games.

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  • NOO!

  • No we don't. Like at all.

  • no! We will move onto the next guy who IS interested...

  • Personally, I can be very shy about making a move on guys, especially if they do not seem interested! If a guy were to show interest and I like them as well I would be far more likely to initiate things and make the first move. However, there is a point when girls get creeped out or just uncomfortable with too much attention or constant "interest" (then again, some girls love it, go figure)

    But flirting and then acting disinterested just makes us girls frustrated and we really don't like mixed signals. It's the cause of half the questions on this site.

  • Definitely not! If you're interested you've gotta give her some signs! Play it cool for a little while if you must but make sure you give her enough or she will lose confidence, get fed up and give up!

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  • Here some real life experience. I met this girl, I showed interest (us guys are VERY obvious about showing interest). After a while, she was giving me strong signals, specially the eyes, that kind of gaze that tends to melt a guy and I made a move, she shot me down. After that she seemed annoyed when I talked to her and didn't find any of my attempts at humor, well, humorous. After that I decided to play it cool and focus on other girls. After a few days, she would come up to me and make small talk, if I answered she would elaborate on that to keep the conversation going (when she used to give very short, crippled and cold answers when I "showed" interest). Also, now she finds everything I say hilarious, she laughs, even if I'm not talking to her, if I make a comment to somebody else and she is near, she is like laughing even though back when I was joking WITH her, she wouldn't laugh at all. Moral of the story is, eyes don't lie, if she likes you (even though she says she doesn't) and you stop paying attention, she will come around. Don't be rude about it, be nice and polite, but don't show as much interest or focus on her, she will pick up on that and start taking matters into her own hands.

    • same story man. The girl starts trying to ignore me. I admit, I used to be incredibly shy. Like answering a question in class and my ears will burn with redness or going up to get an item and my heart is pounding. I make like 2 attempts to get to know her and she just becomes a stone wall to me. I'm also a person that comes to conclusions fast, so I believe she doesn't like me. Then she starts showing interest to me after I just don't care anymore. Then I start liking her again and she repeats!

    • damn dude this is like 100% the same crap I'm dealing with now.. I showed signs and she showed strong signs and after that she went cold.. hardly any talk if at all.. won't speak to me gives me one word answers and so on.. ignoring her is hard because I'm still attracted to her.

      She tries to avoid any eye contact with me but I was sitting in my car today with my mom and I saw her look in at my mom then me and she walked off to her car

  • no they don't like it, it just makes them want to have sex with you.

  • According to SCIENCE!


    Yes, they do like it. Or at the very least it makes them interested.

    • Some girls like shy guys. Some girls like to chase. I am both, but I think the chasing is more a part of my nature.

      I don't think a lot of women know what they want or who they are, however, which is where all this heartache and game playing comes from.

    • True enough :P

  • well they want a guy who is in the middle, who is a challenge basically

  • Do you like it when a gal seems disinterested? For me it's a major turn off.

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