Should I tell him again? Confused! not sure what to do... ?

basically, long story short I'm very good friends with this boy and have known him for little under a year now. I've always had a thing for him but he's been in a relationship up until recently when he told me he was currently singe. the thing is I've moved away from home now to go to university so we're quite a distance apart, but I still speak with him and managed to stay in touch although I hardly see him anymore. I've told him how I felt when I got ridiculously drunk one night last summer after he told me how he thought of me as a 'sister' so I flipped and let everything out. however on a separate occasion he told me how if he was single I'd be first on the "list" and he'd hold my hand which is obviously very confusing for me.. :/ I still obviously really like him and now that he's single should I go for it although he lives so far away? we've arranged to meet next weekend when I go home but I'm not sure if it's too soon after he's only just split with his girlfriend. I've only told him once how I felt, should I tell him again? please help! xxx