Do girls like guys touching their butt?

this question is especially for girls

how do you feel if a guy touch or spank your bums?

i wanna know this because I wanna feel my girls butt for which she refuses me

so girls pls suggest me how to approach her to do so

thanks to all girls


Most Helpful Girl

  • Really? She doesn't ever like you to touch her butt? Are you talking public or private? I'm thinking you're talking both. Let's talk privately. First, if you two are intimate, you should be able to d/c this, and I hope you do. It seems quite normal to me that she not only let you touch her bum, but want you to touch it. This is, or at least can be a sign of affection. It's sexy, it's foreplay, well, you get my drift. But spanking is on a whole other level! When you d/c this it is definitely about sex/making love and it should be approached as this is all up to her. Of course, tell her that you would like her to give it a "shot" lol because it excites you and could really turn her on. And of course, have a safety word to make her feel she has more control in case you get carried away. Let her spank you first, give her a little control. You might like it!

    Hope it helps.


Most Helpful Guy

  • I know what you mean, man. Your situation is more or less this one

    If she doesn't like her butt to be touched maybe you're doing so at the wrong times and/or with the wrong approach.
    Never touch a girl's butt in public. And don't try to touch her butt AS SOON as you start making out, instead, wait for her to be horny, and when she starts touching you, then you can softly move your hand towards her butt. Be gentle.