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What does it mean when a guy stops talking to u???

Long story short there was this guy that seemed like he was really into me .And its weird because Sunday we hung out and everything was cool but... Show More

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  • It could be a couple of things:He honestly lost interest: Now, this can be because you somehow embarrassed or offended him. He's trying to hide his interest; maybe he feels like he's been embarrassing himself by showing too much interest.I saw my crush the other day, but I didn't go up to talk to her. For one, I feel like I've been showing too much interest in her, and when I do, the girls run, so I scaled way back. Two, I wasn't mad at her, I just didn't want to be to obvious; Three: I also feel a little embarrassed because I don't know what to say to her because I'm really shy around her, and when I do have a conversation, it feels boring and embarrassing. 4) She's shown no real sign of interest, and I don't want to become more interested and feel really hurt when she turns me down and starts ignoring me. 5) I'll be seeing her again really soon, so I don't want to make her feel like I'm a stalker or creep, because I'm not. 6) It was a bad week, too, and I didn't want to feel worse by embarrassing myself or feeling more rejected. He's deep in thought, and / or stressed; think of it this way, the gears may be winding around so fast that it's tough to concentrate on you.

    • This man said it all.

    • So save, what do you do in those situations to the girl? I'm kind of chasing a girl and in those situations.

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  • 1. Have you tried calling HIM? Don't expect every guy to be Prince Charming and know how to do everything. Call him, that will give you your answer.2. If you can't get ahold of him, for some reason or another, he has moved on, and you should too.

  • what good man dave said.I like a girl, but I go a week or two without seeing her at work, and I try not to communicate to her via IM or facebook cause I don't want to scare her off. She's not sure of her feelings for me cause she wasn't interested in a relationship, hasn't had a boyfriend, and doesn't want things to move too fast. So yeah

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