Why does he like to cuddle?

When I'm with my boyfriend he's always like "get over here, lets cuddle". I thought guys didn't like to cuddle. I think it's really cute. Also, what do you guys think about when cuddling?


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  • there are always going to be exceptions to rules and stuff, like 99% of people think incest is wrong, but someone in the heart of nebraska thinks its great. likewise, 95% of guys don't like to cuddle, but I'm sure he's out there somewhere. when we are cuddling we think "damn this better lead to me getting laid"


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  • why would you think that

  • ...Oh, to have a girlfriend to cuddle with...

  • I love cuddling, its so intimate, especially when there is kissing involved, maybe a little stroking of eachother's body. It's nice, the question is, why do some guys NOT like it.

  • I'm cuddling and relaxing stay out of my head. You talk to much, roll back over. OK ok I'm only half kidding. we don't care.. never ask a guy out of the blue what he's thinking. If I want to say something I would have talked instead of thinking it.. Don't force it is all I'm saying. that's an intrusion.

  • basically what everyone before me said.

  • I've always wanted to cuddle. I can't wait to do it.

  • Because he likes being close to you, DUH

    It's weird how such generalizations plague people and assume truly irrational and stupid things and assume all guys are emotionless husks and expect them to be that way.


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  • My boyfriend cuddles me A LOT... He says he loves the way I smell..