Why does he like to cuddle?

When I'm with my boyfriend he's always like "get over here, lets cuddle". I thought guys didn't like to cuddle. I think it's really cute. Also, what do you guys think about when cuddling?


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  • there are always going to be exceptions to rules and stuff, like 99% of people think incest is wrong, but someone in the heart of nebraska thinks its great. likewise, 95% of guys don't like to cuddle, but I'm sure he's out there somewhere. when we are cuddling we think "damn this better lead to me getting laid"


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  • why would you think that

  • ...Oh, to have a girlfriend to cuddle with...

  • I love cuddling, its so intimate, especially when there is kissing involved, maybe a little stroking of eachother's body. It's nice, the question is, why do some guys NOT like it.

  • I'm cuddling and relaxing stay out of my head. You talk to much, roll back over. OK ok I'm only half kidding. we don't care.. never ask a guy out of the blue what he's thinking. If I want to say something I would have talked instead of thinking it.. Don't force it is all I'm saying. that's an intrusion.

  • basically what everyone before me said.

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  • My boyfriend cuddles me A LOT... He says he loves the way I smell..