I can't stand how I feel... What can I do now?

I am just so sad... I lost the person I care most about in the world, my best friend who told me he loved me, who I've been with over a year, who took me home for Christmas, who convinced me he really wanted to be with me. He broke up with me a little over two weeks ago and said it was because he couldn't give me what I deserve... which is honestly a little true, but I don't care if he takes me out all the time and calls me all the time, I care to be with my best friend who I love very much and that's the only way I've felt happy in the past year. We've been going on dates still and he still says he cares about me and he's so sorry for hurting me. Then the other day he invited MY best friends (I'm a bridesmaid in their wedding and he wasn't even invited) out to a work event, but didn't invite me. My best girl friend invited me, and begged me to come, so I went, which was probably not the best idea. Before I came he gave one of those tan blond slutty and stupid 19 year old girls... Show More