Girls, seriously, if you start giving the cold shoulder to a guy who is interested and then he ignores you?

Why would you go back and start talking to him again and try to get his attention? What is the reasoning behind it? I'm not asking "why a certain girl is doing that?" why do YOU do it? Really, help me out here. You ignore him first, I'm thinking obviously because you don't like all the attention he is giving you and then when he stops giving attention, you go to him. Did you change your mind? You like attention? what?

I talked to her today, very casual, like nothing happened. Big smile on her face and she is short and I just love the way she kinda tilts her head up to look into my eyes with a big smile. I asked her "did you miss talking to me?" She said "sure"
Then I went "im not convinced" and walked away then she said "yes, I would much rather talk to you than not" so yeah, I guess you can call that a point for us guys, why play all these silly games? Just tell the truth, it shall set you free lol.


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  • i like when guys give me attention but not constantly where it becomes too much..

    personally I give the "cold shoulder" to make a guy more challenged and motivated in

    wanting to win me over. I'm not full out cold I'll glance over and talk if he decides to

    approach me... but I'm not friendly where I'm tagged "just a friend"... usually that's why

    i stay distant is to stay out of the friend zone.

    • That makes a lot of sense. If you are not his friend, you can't be friend zoned, its genius! I guess I shouldn't even be worrying why she isn't "friendly" to me, because probably as soon as she says "you are my friend", then all hope is lost. She has never, ever, called me her friend (she calls others "buddy"), so I guess that's good. We still talk a lot and stuff, but its pretty clear I'm not her friend, but for not being her friend, we talk a hell of a lot, so there should be something there

    • exactly. I'm currently going through this with a guy and we don't act like "friends" where we do

      every little thing together.. because all romance and thrill would be lost. we have short little

      conversations now and then and for the time he doesn't approach me I ignore him to make him

      want me more and to seem more mysterious and valuble. no girl wants to appear desperate

      lol xP I say she definitely likes you and is most likely waiting for you to give her the daily attention she looks fwd to!

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  • I will admit that I have done this before. The thing is, I honestly don't set out to do it on purpose; I generally end up questioning internally whether or not the guy's intent is genuine, or if he is just looking for a good time. This in turn makes me lose self confidence, and I come across as shutting down or 'going cold' because I simply feel put on the spot and I'm not sure how to respond. By the time I realize that (i) his intent was genuine and (ii) I honestly wish I had said something cleverer in reply, it's a bit too late and he's ignoring me. Which, I am sure you will agree, really sucks. Story of my life!

    • Hmm that's pretty honest and insightful. Good to know. But tell me, how can I know the difference between the "unsure" girl and the "not interested" one?

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    • @ Icaro: the "unsure" girl will look at you when she thinks you are not looking, and if you happen to catch her looking at you, she will look away. The "uninterested" girl will not look at you at all, whether this is out of pure ignorance of the fact that you are there, or the malicious intent to make it known that she does not want to see you, far less speak to you. You will be able to tell whether or not she is trying to be malicious!

    • @OP: I've read your comment here, and your update. Honestly, it sounds like there is a good possibility that she doesn't know what she wants. Acting interested sometimes, keeping away others...I think it would do you some good to take a step back. You've put the ball in her court, and there's no reason to show your entire hand when she's clearly holding out. Let her miss you, now. If she initiates, it's a good sign. If not, you might want to try to put this one behind you.

  • I think I had a very similar situation myself so i`d love to talk about how a girl and a guy view such a situation. pls message me if you`d like to discuss it as well.

  • i don't think she's playing a game, I think she's genuinely confused about how she feels for you. my ex was an ass to me. so I was mad at him, but after a while he softened up and tried harder for me, so not having him AND seeing his softer side is what made me like him again. But he only wants me A. for sex or B. when I'm not interested. So when I liked him again, all he wanted was sex and he hurt me, and left me mad at him again. vicious cycle.

  • I have ignored a guy because I liked him and I did not want to like anyone. I did not want to get too emotional. Or at all emotional. I needed to focus on other things. When I realized, or decided, it was OK to like him. I also realized I might have hurt him. I tried to start talking again. He did talk, but he gave me a hard time about it for a vey long time . Then I stopped just to give him space and he got mad at me for ignoring him, So I started talking then he got mad that I was talking to him. He just made everything vey difficult for way longer than the time I had initially not talked to m for. We went to talk to each other, but he still stayed mad for a long time.

    But yea, the whole time, I never changed my feelings. Just my opinion of having them and or acting on them.

    • Of course if said guy, at ANY time he just asked me about why I did hat I did I certainly would have been entirely honest. I do not like talking about emotional things ,in real life. I assume other people, would not want to as well.

      I do not want to / I choose not to invade a persons space with it -unless they ask. If hey ask it becomes about them not me, so then I am allowed, It becomes an obligation/purpose - not a personal desire.

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    • Thats true. If a girl likes talking to you, she will try to talk to you eventually if you aren't paying attention to her. The thing I like about this particular girl is that we are both very alike and we tend to think the same way. I like her a lot and sometimes I will stop talking to her to see if she starts a conversation with me or says something to me and more often than not, she does. If I didn't like a girl who started ignoring me, I wouldn't even worry about it, I'd feel relieved.

    • "Thats true. If a girl likes talking to you, she will try to talk to you eventually if you aren't paying attention to her. "


      sorry bout the caps:)

  • when your right there in front of her there's less of a challenge. girls like a challenge, if you still like her, be hard to get now that you've got the lead if ya know what I mean :D

    • Haha yeah, she has been trying to talk to me "indirectly" , like making comments on stuff I talk to other people about or laughing at jokes I tell other people and that she overhears somehow, or making faces if I say I like a certain thing (like a gagging kind of face, my friends have seen her) but she hasn't approached me directly, she is a chicken. Should I just keep waiting? Lol, its childish and ridiculous, but she needs a scolding haha

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    • its working for ya then :D keep on keepin on :D

    • hes between aren't fun anymore, he needs a mature girl who won't play games or want a challenge...its just retarded...i remember graduating high school and thinking to myself "ahh finally, mature women ahead in life" ... then reality hit and I realized I was hanging around the wrong girls...i eventually found a whole bunch who are mature...dont get me wrong no one likes anyone to throw themselves at them but at some point the "games" need to stop...

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  • the simple answer is girls love attention...they will tell you how annoying it is when you give it but when you stop they are like what the've put the ball in her court, you've shown that you want to give her attention and possibly you've stopped and she's all like why isn't he contacting me as often and blah blah...girls are crazy like that, seriously tho. I have not met one girl who doesn't like attention...EVEN WHEN THEY COMPLAIN ABOUT IT, deep down they really like it because it gives them something to gossip over...when it stops they wonder why, "is he still intersted?" "is he with another girl" etc...its crazy man, trust me I know and it sucks...but some girls can't get a grasp on what's important in life or what they want...those are the ones who usually end up divorsed and misreable...go after what you want...if they don't want you back then move on...youre between 25-29 its not time for games anymore, its time to be serious...if of course, that's what you want...

    good luck man, keep your head up, don't fall for the games!

    • She is relatively young (20) and I'm 25. What attracted me to her was her maturity (for some things), personality, humor. What I did notice is that she acts exactly like the typical girl in cartoons when she likes the guy but hates the idea, because her whole personality shifts around, we do talk and we do laugh but there's a lot of sarcasm and playful meaness in her comments. I haven't talked to her in a week and she seems a lot more quiet around others. We all have 2 grow up sometime. Thanks man

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    • She just wanted you to notice her so she changed up her appearance for you.

    • themasterplan, Great answer.

      I have one question. I'm in the same boat as the question asker.

      She was all over me (initiating calling me, texting, etc.) Finally after 3 months I told her I liked her. She then started giving me the cold shoulder and is suddenly (really busy). I WANT HER, but I don't want to disrespect myself and completely throw myself at her. She'll probably love it at first but then lose attraction for me (because I was no challenge). How can I catch her & keep her?

  • Probably...but you gotta think that this girl is trying to manipulate you and seems to be more into game playing than an actual relationship. Do you really want to have a relationship with somebody like that? Games don't stop there, they keep going into the relationship. Do you really want to be with somebody like that? Or do you want to be with somebody who takes her time getting to know you, doesn't play games, enjoys the moment and just goes with the flow?.

    Women that do this make really sh*tty girlfriends TRUST me.

    • Well, I haven't fallen for it. I just made a point of saying that she admitted liking talking to me when she acted like she didn't, so she was just playing hard to get. I'm not gonna ask her out or anything yet, I have to be absolutely conviced that her bull is gonna stop. I'm gonna give her a little more attention and if she starts, I'll just remind her of her little statement there and just ignore her and keep doing it until she grows up, which may be a long way ahead. Thanks for the advice

    • You should just call the shots, tell her to stop bullsh*tting and to get serious. Don't be angry but be like this is not going to work for me. Be the MAN take charge.

  • Girls don't like when the guys are too easy. They then believe that guys think the exact same way.

  • Not a clue, but I have noticed the same thing and I'm sick of it lol. Makes me not like a girl anymore if she does that kinda crap to me...

  • I've never had a girl try to get my attention after ignoring me for obvious reasons whatever they. The most I have ever had would be a girl dressing up sexy trying to attract attention or get me to notice her.

    • Speaking of which, I noticed that she went through 4 different hairstyles in a week (right after we stopped talking) she straightened it and she looked very nice, but since I didn't know if it was so I noticed her, I didn't say anything haha, she usually doesn't wear make up either, and I noticed that too, its interesting to say the least.

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