Girls, seriously, if you start giving the cold shoulder to a guy who is interested and then he ignores you?

Why would you go back and start talking to him again and try to get his attention? What is the reasoning behind it? I'm not asking "why a certain girl is doing that?" why do YOU do it? Really, help me out here. You ignore him first, I'm thinking obviously because you don't like all the attention he is giving you and then when he stops giving attention, you go to him. Did you change your mind? You like attention? what?

I talked to her today, very casual, like nothing happened. Big smile on her face and she is short and I just love the way she kinda tilts her head up to look into my eyes with a big smile. I asked her "did you miss talking to me?" She said "sure"
Then I went "im not convinced" and walked away then she said "yes, I would much rather talk to you than not" so yeah, I guess you can call that a point for us guys, why play all these silly games? Just tell the truth, it shall set you free lol.


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  • i like when guys give me attention but not constantly where it becomes too much..

    personally I give the "cold shoulder" to make a guy more challenged and motivated in

    wanting to win me over. I'm not full out cold I'll glance over and talk if he decides to

    approach me... but I'm not friendly where I'm tagged "just a friend"... usually that's why

    i stay distant is to stay out of the friend zone.

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      That makes a lot of sense. If you are not his friend, you can't be friend zoned, its genius! I guess I shouldn't even be worrying why she isn't "friendly" to me, because probably as soon as she says "you are my friend", then all hope is lost. She has never, ever, called me her friend (she calls others "buddy"), so I guess that's good. We still talk a lot and stuff, but its pretty clear I'm not her friend, but for not being her friend, we talk a hell of a lot, so there should be something there

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      exactly. I'm currently going through this with a guy and we don't act like "friends" where we do

      every little thing together.. because all romance and thrill would be lost. we have short little

      conversations now and then and for the time he doesn't approach me I ignore him to make him

      want me more and to seem more mysterious and valuble. no girl wants to appear desperate

      lol xP I say she definitely likes you and is most likely waiting for you to give her the daily attention she looks fwd to!