When do little boys start noticing Girls?

I ask that because I went to a B-day party yesterday and I was looking really pretty and it was my dad's friends birthday and when we got there, I sat on the couch and this little boy probably 6 or 7, really cute came to me and was staring and acting shy when I would ask for a hug then sat next to me, leaning on me and then even putting his arms around me holding me and clinged on to me for a long time and through out the party, he would come to me and pull on me and hug my legs. I don't even know this little boy. He is normal but seemed like he liked me so much. So then later he came up to me and asked me to be his girl and I told him no I'm too old. He just kept asking me all day and at the end, he even asked if he coiuld come with me and I told him no and he started whinning and begging pulling on me hard for me to say yes and I kept saying no. He even asked his Mom. How can they know that they like girls so young? He look like a baby. Is this normal for a 6 or 7 year old? I was shocked how persisitant he was on trying to be with me lol. He was so sad I wouldn't be his girl.


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  • When I was 5 or 6 I found a book on the human body. It was a children's book, and they foolishly printed diagrams of a girl from baby to puberty to adult. In the nude.

    I was pretty engrossed in it, for reasons unknown to me at the time. Unfortunately, I showed it to my classmates, and one of them must have stolen the book because I couldn't find it anymore.

    I was still pretty engrossed though, and tried to draw a naked woman, which for some reason was hanging from a ceiling fan by a noose. Don't ask me why, I don't know either. I got called into the teacher's office.

    But to answer the question, I didn't notice girls as "girls" until 3 years later. Lol.


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  • My lil' brother started noticing females "like that" when he was in 2nd grade (abt age 7). I remembered on a family cruise he was all proud telling us how he slow-danced with a girl @ the kiddie area lol.

    • 7 is OK but 4 or 5? come on. There babies. I thought it was all in the mind and you odnt know anything at that age but playing.

  • When they pinch our toys at 2-3.

    Notice sexually 13/14 I suppose. Girls started asking me out at 10/11 (which my parents used to tease me rotten about) so they definitely developed faster than I did.

  • we notice girls around 5 or 6 but we don't care about it until about 12-13 and I didn't "notice" a girl until I 14.

  • Age 4 for me. Yeah, I started out young.

    • 4? But how would you know you llike girls? You could barely talk

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    • Nope, my parents divorced when I was 3. They fought a lot and I really didn't see my dad when I was young. I just had a feeling and went with that. Sure we didn't fool around but kissed a lot.

    • wow I guess every boy is different

  • Age four.

    I hardly remember it, but supposedly I kissed a girl at school and it made her cry. ^^;

  • when i was 7 or 8

  • i can remember liking girls around six or seven. obviously it was just kiddie crushes but about six or seven sounds right to me.

  • I had my first crush at age 6. Before that I didn't distinguish girls from boys very much

  • Fourth grade.

  • 7 for me. First girl I was attracted to.

    First time I got slapped too =)

    • wow well I think he was 5 now. When I really think about it. he was so young

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    • It's different for every guy.

      And it depends on how his family is. If he has an older brother who has a girl it's likely that he'll start to notice them sooner that an only child (like me)

      Or if he has a lot of friends that are girls that would make it take longer for him to see them as different.

    • well when his auntie heard him ask me to be his girl, she fussed at me saying that's why you getting in trouble at school so it seems like he is realyy girl crazy, got a problem controllin himself or something. He is a pretty boy literally so when he gets older he will definently break some hearts.

  • Like 10.

  • i started noticing girls when I was like 5. I remember trying to do the same thing you said to an older girl lol. by 6 (1st grade) I remember being attracted to a couple of the girls in my classes. I of course didn't admit it til I was a little older! it's normal though

    • Oh OK I just never knew it can start that young. what do you know? Not much.

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    • Yeah he did that besides the kissin but.. I wonder what he would have done if I really did take him like he wanted? Can't imagine why he asked that like he knows what to do lol

    • I personally just admired them and I even had "crushes" when I was 6. The physical desire was not there, though, it was purely platonic, so to speak.

  • "Depending on the sexual maturity of the boy, self-stimulation to cause deliberate erections can start anytime in childhood."

    gonna be honest. I was sexually attracted to my child care worker when I was 5/when I was in kindergarden. I wasn't attracted to girls my age, but the child care worker made me hard (i'm not kidding). I humped the floor when she was near me.

    • what? I don't get it. How did you know at that age? Did you watch p*rn? or see your parents having sex? I thought kids were innocent? hmmm...

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    • i always wondered if other boys experienced the same (at such a young age). I kind of ignored the girls my age, but I tried to get my child care worker's attention. I even wrestled other boys just to impress her (tried to show dominance). I'm really ashamed and I hope I won't see that woman again. she probably remembers me/thinks I'm a perverted freak, but I couldn't help but being horny when I saw her.

    • wow this is really shocking to me. I just learned something.

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  • Little kids have different desires than pubescent kids. I went somewhere the other day and had 4-5 grade girls hugging me and fawning all over my hair and shoes, etc. They weren't "flirting" ... they wanted a certain kind of attention and admiration. A little boy like that probably wants some kind of comforting and affection that he has seen on television on in his life as means to getting that kind of attention. Perhaps his mother is busy with a new boyfriend, etc.

    • Hmmm...bc he was on me like white on rice as soon as he saw me. But yeah I know he not thinking about sex but just liked me because I was pretty. I just never had a young boy like that stalk me so much and then cry that he couldn't come home with me and don't even know me. Before I left, his family was getting on him about being all up on me all day and one lady even said next time come Ugly. lol! So I was looking good but to a baby? That was weird in itself.

    • Yeah! Even little babies gaze longer at attractive faces. Admiring beauty is something humans are hardwired to do. I think he saw some kind of comfort and caring in you that he feels a need for. I think the emotional component must be there from the start, though. Puberty probably just switches it into a different dimension.

    • Yeah that sounds about right. I mean, its cute when they are young like that but if he was my age or a teen, all that begging and clingyness would have turned me off. Id be flattered but that would definently be too much

  • I was watching “The Lion King” with my friends four year old. He was snuggled up against my legs on the couch. Out of nowhere, he suddenly turned around and moved his face right up to mine like he was going to give me a kiss. With his little mouth closed, he moved his face around in front of mine. It was a bit odd but very cute. It seemed like he was mimicking what he may have seen adults do. I said something about the movie and he turned back.

    A few minutes later he turned and stood on the couch gazing into my eyes... This was not a familiar look. It was a wide eyed, dreamy, lovey look that one would not expect from a four year old. Then, all of a sudden, he pulled his pants down and looked down at his boner! When he looked back up at me I excitedly asked him if he wanted a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. I had to run to the bathroom because I didn't want him to see me laugh! Yup, true story...

    • Oh my gosh! Are you serious? he was hard at that age? How does he know to feel that way even if he did see something sexualy? he couldn't understand it or his body to know to naturally do that. He is a baby. Wow. What is happening to these kids so young is getting scary. That's the same stare I got from the little boy too, just gazin like he sees an angel or something. I don't have kids so this is all learning that they could be like that at that age. Unbelievable.

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    • ...for when she has privacy. I know, unbelievable!

    • I am just so dumbfounded. Totally I mean its almost sickening

  • I think they start liking girls in a 'DATE MEEE! T.T' kinda way at around 10-11 years old :) That's from personal experience anyway :D

    • i mean he definently was not 9, 10 or 11. He had to be like 6 or 7. He was tiny but tall if that makes since. I wonder if iot starts that young and to me that is too young for them to already be liking girls.

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    • I feel sorry for all the girls his age then :) That troublesome munchkin ha ha XD He will forever be a mini heart throb

    • yep he will.

  • jk, I was 4 and he was cute! ;)

  • Last summer I was out in Colorado visiting family friends. We were going rafting and there was a kid there about 10 or 11. He was a cute kid, but I could see him watching when I took off my top (bikini underneath). Throughout the rest of the trip, he was pretty fond with me I guess.

    So yeah. lol

  • My son is 5 and he is girl crazy. It started at 3 when he told me that "that girl is beautiful." He gets this really big shy smile and his eyes brighten when he sees a pretty girl. He says he likes girls with long hair. At the same time, he doesn't want anyone else to know he finds girls pretty and he doesn't want them kissing him just yet. LOL.