When do little boys start noticing Girls?

I ask that because I went to a B-day party yesterday and I was looking really pretty and it was my dad's friends birthday and when we got there, I sat on the couch and this little boy probably 6 or 7, really cute came to me and was staring and acting shy when I would ask for a hug then sat next to me, leaning on me and then even putting his arms around me holding me and clinged on to me for a long time and through out the party, he would come to me and pull on me and hug my legs. I don't even know this little boy. He is normal but seemed like he liked me so much. So then later he came up to me and asked me to be his girl and I told him no I'm too old. He just kept asking me all day and at the end, he even asked if he coiuld come with me and I told him no and he started whinning and begging pulling on me hard for me to say yes and I kept saying no. He even asked his Mom. How can they know that they like girls so young? He look like a baby. Is this normal for a 6 or 7 year old? I was shocked how persisitant he was on trying to be with me lol. He was so sad I wouldn't be his girl.


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  • When I was 5 or 6 I found a book on the human body. It was a children's book, and they foolishly printed diagrams of a girl from baby to puberty to adult. In the nude.

    I was pretty engrossed in it, for reasons unknown to me at the time. Unfortunately, I showed it to my classmates, and one of them must have stolen the book because I couldn't find it anymore.

    I was still pretty engrossed though, and tried to draw a naked woman, which for some reason was hanging from a ceiling fan by a noose. Don't ask me why, I don't know either. I got called into the teacher's office.

    But to answer the question, I didn't notice girls as "girls" until 3 years later. Lol.