What is the meaning when a guy just wants to cuddle and sleep with you?

OK by sleep, I mean just that. We just sleep together cause fooling around goes against his religious beliefs/and mine so I don't mind but I have some friends say that is is just using me. He likes to cuddle and watch movies and just sleep with me. While we are sleeping we actually sleep almost hugging each other the whole night. I just wanted to get an opinion? Is he just using me for the cuddling factor or what. We kiss all the time and last time we cuddled together he kissed me on the forehead when he thought I was sleeping.

Yes, we do go out to the movies and dinner and stuff, but we never really had the talk. we dated before and he broke up with me that was like last year, he says he misses me and stuff.. When we dated he never wanted to stay the night but now he does.


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  • It depends on what you mean by that. Are you asking if he just wants to cuddle and doesn't want a relationship? Possibly. If fooling around goes against his religious beliefs, cuddling and sleeping together is about the closest he can get without breaking those rules. Although if he's that religious, I would assume he'd be against staying the night with a girl who isn't his girlfriend as well. Either way, if you're cool with it, then have fun. But it is a possibility that he just likes the intimacy and doesn't want a commitment.


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  • wow, really? this just shows that he cares about you and God, you shouldn't question him for loving you, and really what's wrong with cuddling, girls usually love it, by the way I think it is also a guy thing, I know I've always just wanted to hold/hug a girl in my arms all night and just sleep there holding her in my arms protecting her :)

    -Humble Christian Guy 20

    • ok thanks! I do like it a lot too.

  • actually your friends are wrong he cares about you enough and respects you and your temple if it was using anybody can be used he wants to show you love and affection the best way ...and that's love ..believe it


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  • Hard to say...I was once involved with a guy who all I wanted to do was sleep with him. As a matter of fact, I would sneak into his place late nite, curl into bed with him, then slip out again by daybreak. He left the door unlocked for me lol He knew I was using him for the cuddle factor, but he was okay with it since he enjoyed it too, and okay with no sex (even though he made sure to let me know if I ever was so inclined he woudnt turn me down) hah...ah well.

    • well we do go out to the movies and stuff so its not always just late night. Thanks for you input! =)

    • Yeah I did that with my friend too...we went out all the time, have lunch and went out too. Even though the sleeping thing was years ago, we still go out and see each other all the time as friends. I'm not romantically interested in him though so that's a big difference between your situation and mine. If we were, Id have a hard time curling up with him like that without wishing there was more between us.

  • He is not using you and your friends are just jealous. Guys need affection and by givimg him affection he will fall in love with you.

    • agree with you completely, just show him you like it and by the way it sounds he is already in love with you :)

  • He's not using you. Sounds like you got a good one lol guys don't just cuddle with girls they're using. Do you like him? Because if you do I think you should definitely tell him:)

    • i do like him, we used to date but broke up last year haven't seen each other for a couple of months then he started to intiate contact again. He is very guarded with his feelings.

  • He probably likes you and he seems like a sensitive guy.

  • if it's against his religion to have sex before marriage then he probably just loves you and is waiting to marry you before having intercourse. I wish my guy would have done that for me, it's respecting you and showing you that he won't treat you like a prostitute/whore but wants to honor you and marry you before having sex with you will show that he wants to keep you pure and not defile you but be sure to let you know 100% that he loves you forever by putting a ring on your finger then having sex with you. well good luck