What is the meaning when a guy just wants to cuddle and sleep with you?

OK by sleep, I mean just that. We just sleep together cause fooling around goes against his religious beliefs/and mine so I don't mind but I have some friends say that is is just using me. He likes to cuddle and watch movies and just sleep with me. While we are sleeping we actually sleep almost hugging each other the whole night. I just wanted to get an opinion? Is he just using me for the cuddling factor or what. We kiss all the time and last time we cuddled together he kissed me on the forehead when he thought I was sleeping.

Yes, we do go out to the movies and dinner and stuff, but we never really had the talk. we dated before and he broke up with me that was like last year, he says he misses me and stuff.. When we dated he never wanted to stay the night but now he does.


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  • It depends on what you mean by that. Are you asking if he just wants to cuddle and doesn't want a relationship? Possibly. If fooling around goes against his religious beliefs, cuddling and sleeping together is about the closest he can get without breaking those rules. Although if he's that religious, I would assume he'd be against staying the night with a girl who isn't his girlfriend as well. Either way, if you're cool with it, then have fun. But it is a possibility that he just likes the intimacy and doesn't want a commitment.

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      ok thanks.