Men, why do guys call other guys gay, who aren't even gay?

We're talking about guys who obviously are NOT gay not actual teasing of gay kids.

I'm especially talking about teenage boys doing this and I'm curious why. This is a boy that has a pretty girlfriend and is very attractive himself. Why would other guys focus in on him and say this?

Is it jealousy? insecurity?



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  • Gay doesn't mean homosexual. Unfortunately it has become another word simply used to tease anyone like "retard" or "d***head". I try to use words like "sh*t" and "rubbish" when saying I dislike something because my best friend (who actually is gay) always tells me off if I say something like "aww that was so gay" when I don't like something. I dunno. Just stupid guys

    • yeah I get that between friends it can be used in a teasing way. I'm just curious why guys would say it to guys who aren't friends of theirs

    • jealousy probably

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  • There is nothing wrong with the boy or with his girlfriend. Its the other guys problem not knowing how to express themselves in a sensitive manner. This is caused by the alpha male/s of a group, not wanting to look soft in front one another, this attracts his male friends and brings a sense of manliness to the group.

    If anyone was gay, its his friends...

    Hope this helps

  • Cause those men are immature and retarded? lol. Probably insecurity.

    • yeah I really think that's why but as a girl I'm just curious about boy culture in this area I guess. I assumed it was insecurity and jealousy but that's all it is is an assumption.

  • Because the guy is probably a fruit cake. Their normally soft, weak and sensitive.

  • this question is gay

  • Some girls have called me gay actually so I wouldn't say that it's one-side thing.

    • oh yeah no question girls can be just as mean but I'm simply talking about from a guy's perspective. I know girls can be bitches and that's why they do it trust me but I'm more curious about why guys do it to other guys.

    • It's usually just an insult, serious one or 'playish'.

      But it's a lot worse when a girl says that to you x.x

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