Did your parent(s) ever hit you? How much, and for what? Did they eventually stop?

If you don't wanna read my personal experiences, just skip to the last paragraph (this whole description is just my personal experiences). My dad never hit me. He's always been really nice. My mom used to hit me and my brothers soooooooo much (but more me since I used to get in the most trouble).... Show More

And sorry for the long description haha.

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  • My mum...

    Fiery tempered Irish lady who doesn't give a f***. Ohhhh I've suffered in the past. Fists not hands, punches not slaps. If I pissed her off in the kitchen I'd RUN... that Irish lady's got pans at her disposal, I've suffered 'the wok' many times as an ignorant teen.

    Do I blame her... NOT AT ALL. Well done Mama :)

    • Why don't you blame her? Did she hit you for good reasons?

    • I was more than a handful when I was younger, raised by my mum... she needed to be firm else her life would have been more chaotic than it was :)

    • Hahaha okay.