Did your parent(s) ever hit you? How much, and for what? Did they eventually stop?

If you don't wanna read my personal experiences, just skip to the last paragraph (this whole description is just my personal experiences).

My dad never hit me. He's always been really nice.

My mom used to hit me and my brothers soooooooo much (but more me since I used to get in the most trouble). My dad hated it when she hit us, and was gradually able to teach her how to control her anger better. Now she's a lot better, but she's still got a temper and tends to overreact about little things (she never hits us anymore, though).

Once I was practicing piano in Grade 2 I think (grade 2 in school - probably grade 1 in piano) and I was supposed to be practicing a certain technique - rolling my fingers or something. I didn't understand what I was supposed to do, and my mom kept getting really pissed off, and she would go to her room to read the newspaper while listening to my piano. If my piano didn't sound good, every five minutes, she would come down and slap me repeatedly. It was a horrible experience for me (although I'm sure other people have had WAY worse experiences) because I couldn't help it - I just didn't understand the technique. I kept using trial and error (error being getting slapped) to finally guess the right technique since I didn't actually understand the technique. It took me hours. And during those hours, every five minutes, my mom would come down and slap me multiple times then go back upstairs.

Another time, my mom found out that in school, in Grade 1, as a joke, I put my fingers behind my head as if they were horns, looked at my friend, and said, "I'm the devil." (A teacher had seen me do this and told my mom.) My mom shouted at me something like, "If you want to be the devil, you need to have hot stuff!" and made me eat raw chili powder. Yeah. Sometimes my mom was crazy haha. Oh, and also, she beat me because of that.

I remember one time she was hitting me with a big wooden spoon so hard that it broke in half. The worst was when she used a wooden roller - I can still imagine how it felt. I got the worst bruises on my legs from that - it went f***ing deep. Sometimes she also used a metal spoon. Most of the time she just slapped me, though (but still, that could hurt too).

In Grade 5 I was just starting to use swear words, and I thought they were both fun and cool to use (turns out they weren't that cool lol, but they were fun). I went up behind someone in my class on the stairwell and said, "f*** you" to him (without meaning it obviously), and he told on me. I kept lying to my family saying I didn't say that. You have no idea how much I was hit because of that hahaha. Hours on end of being hit by my mom, trying to convince me to tell the truth.

My mom stopped hitting me probably around the end of Grade 6, but I had learned how to get into less trouble by around Grade 5.

So that's enough about me :)

What about you guys? Personal experiences are always welcome like I gave, or just general answers if you want.

And sorry for the long description haha.


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  • My mum...

    Fiery tempered Irish lady who doesn't give a f***. Ohhhh I've suffered in the past. Fists not hands, punches not slaps. If I pissed her off in the kitchen I'd RUN... that Irish lady's got pans at her disposal, I've suffered 'the wok' many times as an ignorant teen.

    Do I blame her... NOT AT ALL. Well done Mama :)

    • Why don't you blame her? Did she hit you for good reasons?

    • I was more than a handful when I was younger, raised by my mum... she needed to be firm else her life would have been more chaotic than it was :)

    • Hahaha okay.

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  • I feel especially lucky I was never hit after reading these stories! Ouch.

    My parents never laid a hand on me, but I've always been very docile and respectful, so there was never really a need to. Everyone tells me that my dad used to hit my sister a lot because she used to get in trouble a lot at school (she's 12 years older than me.. and eventually ended up dropping out, but she's not a troublemaker anymore). I guess I didn't really go through a rebellious phase like that, I had a lot of freedom because I never got in trouble and I was good in school.

    The only discipline I needed was for my dad to yell at me (or for my mom to threaten to call my dad so he could yell at me lol). He's a very intimidating person. And he can have a really short temper sometimes. But the older I got, the more I understood him because we're so similar; he would get mad easily and overreact, then feel bad and apologize.. and I'd find myself acting the same way (some sort of depression or bipolar disorder, maybe). We have a really great relationship now that I understand those outbursts.

    I think from an outside perspective, it may seem horrible and evil the way some parents treat their children sometimes, and of course as a child you don't always understand why you're being treated that way. But it is HARD to be a parent, that cannot be said enough. There's no perfect way to discipline your kids.. it's affected by the way YOU were treated as a kid, your own kids' different personalities, the situations.. The idea of 'proper discipline' is what makes me so uncertain about having my own kid someday. It's so easy to screw it up. We lose our patience and don't think about our reactions and how impressionable a child is.

    But I'm going way out in left field. Sorry ha ha >.<

  • every night my dad tries to bash me and god knows what else but my big brother always stands between him and I and dad beats him to a pulp, strangeles him or whatever he thinks of at the time I cry every night about it, he and I share a room and I always crawl into his bed to hug him and make him feel safe. I'm scared if I get the cops involved daniel will get hurt more.

  • Sorry man, that sounds brutal and really cold frightening way to grow up- - even if your strong about it, id imagine its traumatic.

    You have any Nazis in your back ground? (no joke.)

  • I usually got hit by my mom and never my dad. my mom has bipolar though.

    I gradually learnt that when I was older but I hated her so much. weird thing was I never punched back. I always hoped that she'd be better, she is getting better. she just has temper issues too.

    adults are not always adult. sometimes I feel I act more mature than her.

    • So often I act more mature than my mom.

      By the way, how did you find out she's bipolar?

  • i got smacked and spanked at an early age.

    I was very athletic though and eventualy my mother hurt her arm spanking my hard butt...i laughed. LOL

    I believe in hitting your kids when they deserve it. Only sound judgement can tell you when they deserve it. You should obviously never inflict any damadge to them, ever.

    • abused kids, often say you should hit. its because its what you are used to. most adults hit for themselves not the children.

      studies show kids have very negative personality developments when you use physical beating as punishment. reasoning with kids builds their self esteem and self respect. it also increases sense of shame when they know they behaved badly. beating just makes them mad at you & scared of you. they don't think as much about what they did, as they feel belittled abused and angry.

    • I guess all european & Asian children are abused then.

      Thanks for comming out.

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  • my parents never hit me, but my dad says his dad used to beat him with a stick. it was acceptable then and legal for teachers to do it too. He was god at school so he never got beaten but his favorite teacher used to beat students a certain number of times that he would say before and if they cried out at all then he would start again. Apparently he usually didn't get to the end ever but he just got fed up... This was in Palestinian Israel about 35 years ago. I'm so glad I didn't live then. One guy he knew used to hang his children head down from the ceiling for a certain time and then let them down. My late grandfather apparently used to beat my grandmother too :(. They can be really brutal there. Still are sometimes, but then my dad comes from a particularly backward family for nowadays and even those days. His dad stopped beating him when he was old enough and just took his stick/ belt from him.

    • Man there's a huge story behind my grandparents, so I'm not gonna tell it. But once we spent spring break with them in a quiet place just to relax, and in the place we rented we caught my late grandfather beating my grandmother. My parents stopped him, and at one point he called my mom a prostitute for no reason (in their language, which I don't speak - I was just told what they were saying by my parents).

      Haha, you're pretty lucky. It sucks being hit :(

      But then again, I'm luckier than most.

    • thats so sad :(. It's bad enough when psycho guys hit their wife but its almost worse when normal guys hit their wife because in their society its considered normal...

  • yeah my dad hit me when I was younger until I grew up around 7-8th grade and I whooped his ass haha.

    • What haha? You hit him?

  • Dad used to slap my hand whenever I got in to a fight with my brother lol. This stopped around Grade 5 where he would just yell at me, but that pissed me off more so they never bothered disciplining me ever since lol.

    • Haha is slapping your hand really that bad? (I'm not trying to say it's not - I just don't know.)

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    • Except when I walk off, my mom yells at me as always. And I get in even more trouble.

    • Wow, never mind that then lol.

  • All the time LOL

  • My mom used to beat the hell out of me and my younger brother, but she stopped later when we got old enough where it didn't effect us and she was weaken by the many surgerys she has had.

    But still to this days has more anger than anyone I know.

    One thing I remember was every couple weeks, she would come and tuck me and my brother into bed Sunday night before school. She would look around our rooms and she one thing not how she wanted it. She would tear the whole room apart throwing everything at us and dragging us over to where she was destroying things. After she was done with both rooms she told us to clean it up and we couldn't go to sleep until they were cleaned. It always took me and my brother hours to clean up everything and wouldn't get to bed till 4 or latter, in which we couldn't sleep because we had school in the mourning. And we made damn sure we didn't miss that bus.

    • Wow that sucks :(

      Lol I knew I could find more than one person who's way worse off than I am.

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