Guys, do you normally check a girl out when they are turned away or not looking?

Basically question says it all, but do you do this to avoid getting caught, and if you do get caught what do you do? :P


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  • I hardly ever check out a girl when I think she is looking and I still get caught a lot especially before. like there was a time in grocery store where a girl was at least 15 feet away turned and she turned around and looked directly at me. I personally am wicked obivous (not on purpose) as soon as she goes to turn or look I emidiately look away and if I can't look away fast enough or I no having warning I get into an awkward staring contest and always look away first. I never manage to play it off like everyone suggest


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  • Its kind of like a habit after a while you don't even relize your doing it. And if I do get caught I useualy look away but sometimes I may smile if I'm feeling curagous lol.

  • I find the best way is to check her out when she know you are looking, let's her know you're interested. That way you don't get "caught" cause she know full well you're checking her out.

  • You can't honestly say you don't already know the answer to this question, of course guys do, only idiots get caught tho.

    • hahaha but its just like girls checking guys out! but for some reason guys are alway better at catching us :(

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  • my best guy friends and even my exes have told me all guys check out a chicks ass/body. it's just a natural thing for them. even when you don't think they're looking at you they're looking. which has kind of made me feel self-conscious lol.

    • Tass that's like exactly why I sometimes feel self conscious

    • Yaaa * (sorry auto correct lol)

    • yeah I just try not to think about it now. or use it to your advantage ;)