Why does he want to hug?

Like I mean if they're not dating. So if we're outside & its cold and we're just friends, & he goes "do you wanna hug?" But they probably do this to 50 other girls. Or after you guys have hung out and one of you is leaving and you go up and hug her (& youd do this to every girl) So I guess lets say your the player type.

Whats the point?


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  • It's just a hug.

    Then again I know a guy who likes hugging all the girls around and he's a horny jackass. Maybe you shouldn't give him a hug. Don't boost his self esteem.


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  • i hug and kiss almost any girl I am friend with when I greet them or say goodbyes to them, but maybe it is my latin culture because it is very natural for us, not trying to be the player type.

    • He's black not latin, so I'm not sure that's the case lol.

  • because girls are soft, warm, lovely etc... makes good feelings. similar as loving puppies.

    • What good feelings?

    • Good feelings like loving baby animals (baby dogs, baby humans), cats etc.

  • You feel better after a hug.

  • Don't ask questions. Enjoy the hug lol


What Girls Said 3

  • Most Guys Hug their friends that are girls. It's just a hug sometimes flirtatious and sometimes just a friendly hell0o0o or good bye. I wouldn't read too much into it though. Unless he's only hugging you then may be he likes you :)

  • =/ well yu gotta make sure first that he's huggin other girls .. and see... because he might like you !

  • Guys hug their friends that are girls...doesn't always mean something...how does he hug you? where are his hands and arms? that will tell you more

    • Around my waist, but sometimes when we're parting from the hug he brushes his hand across my butt.

    • he's physically attracted to you