Do girls chase guys?

Please explain your votes! :)

Do you ever go after the guy or do you let him do all the work?

If you do chase, what makes you want to chase him? What do you do?

If you think he should do all the work what would you expect him to do to get your attention or interest?

If you believe it should be a mixture of the guy and the girl chasing who does most of the chasing?

  • Vote A Girls don't chase guys
  • Vote B Girls do chase guys
  • Vote C It's a mixture. Both girls and guys chase.
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For those that are interested still here is great article on this subject:

"Why don't women ask men out on first dates?" Psychology Today



Most Helpful Girl

  • I think the girl should be approachable as well as able to start or continue a conversation with a guy. I do not think the guy needs to perform like a peacock to get a girl's attention though if a girl is very interesting to a guy, they will do things to catch her attention.

    I believe the guy should ask for the date and it should be a date, not an offer to "hangout" or some other vague thing that leaves the girl wondering if the guy wants romance or friendship or is just trying to convert her into booty call.

    I think girls should be polite and if she does not want to date a guy, she should politely decline, not accept then cancel or give a million excuses that keeps a guy wondering if he still has a chance when you know you are not interested.

    So, no, I do not think girls should chase guys but they also should not leave everything up to the guy either. Dating and romance is a dance between two people and both sides need to bring something to the table in most cases.

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      Gosh if only every girl thought this way. I can't tell you how many times a girl accepted then later changed plans or cancelled and left me wondering if she was really just busy or trying to subtly show she wasn't interested.

      As for inviting a girl to "hangout" I am guilty of this sometimes. Usually it's just through texting or in person as a precursor to see if she would be interested in spending time with me. If she says yes to hangout I will then set plans for a specific activity which I

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      Please foreward your reply to other women pleease.

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      Tamikaze thank you for your explanation. It never occured to me why girls do that.