Why he ignoring me, hates me?

hey guys ,this is maybe sound like a crazy but I just wondering that why it happen?

i've known a guy from an app on iphone he is a us military he was sent to Iraq he was starting to get to know me first and then I replied him after a few conversation he asked me for my number but I didn't give him so he gave me his number instead but i still don't care about them.we moved to chat on skype after conversation on that app since first time he asking me for vid and he said 'you are a funny girl you make me happy:)' and we had a few video together after a week he seem likes he was not lively like before but he still talking to me he said he feel depressed and miss home but he will try to be lively again..

i understand and after that conversation we had a video and we were enjoy together he has said he like me I'm so glade but I don't know is that true? I just told him I like you too

at that time I felt I like him I do like him so I thought about his number again so I sent him a text but he didn't get them then I told him to try to send me instead and he sent me a text next morning it just say 'Hey and 'i know time he sent this text is the time when he wake up in the morning I'm so glade- -and he sent text to me in a next day but I didn't reply so he sent again 'hey talk to me' is that mean he cares about me? in the evening of that day he ask me 'did you miss me?' I said yea I missed you ,you?' he said he missed me too

he seem likes he likes me a little- -but today I look on skype and see, likes he blocked me or something and I got no text from him today that make me so curious

I just wanna know why?what I did wrong?i always nice to him every time we had talked or he hates me? ]ls answer me it will be help so much I just feel awful all day long :(and I wanna know he likes me only a friend or more then does he seriously with me?

Thank you very much


Most Helpful Girl

  • Who knows what went wrong. Maybe he blocked you because he is scared of his strong feelings for you, or maybe it is because of something else.

    I'm not sure.

    do you have his facebook or email? try writing to him and tell him you feel like you are blocked from skyping from him, and if it is an error or something.