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Why he ignoring me, hates me?

hey guys ,this is maybe sound like a crazy but I just wondering that why it happen? i've known a guy from an app on iphone he is a us military he... Show More

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  • Who knows what went wrong. Maybe he blocked you because he is scared of his strong feelings for you, or maybe it is because of something else.

    I'm not sure.

    do you have his facebook or email? try writing to him and tell him you feel like you are blocked from skyping from him, and if it is an error or something.

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  • He probably has other things to worried about, not saying your not important, because aparently you are to him if he takes the time to talk to you. But like you mention he's the military, a lot of dramatic things can occur there. Don't spend so much time imagining things, just be patient and time will tell. In the meantime worried about yourself, don't be selfish, be understanding.

  • Maybe he's not able to text you only... If he's not in the country, there might be faulty connections. Anyway, if you feel he's the one you really like, then continue to text him. At least it shows you're not judgmental and not paranoid. Be confident. You're the one he texted first so that means he's interested...

    Instead of waiting the whole time though, you can also go out and have fun :) You don't have to sit near the computer the whole day, waiting for him. If he text back, fine, if not, go out after you send a message saying you're "wondering... ;-D Where you are..."

    Good luck and wish me luck too :) I'm having the same problem lol

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