Guys, when you're mad, do you keep dead quiet?

Got into a fight, have been fighting these past few weeks anyways -- he didn't respond to my last texts as I think I might have hurt his feelings with something I said. He ignored like4 texts then I kinda told him to break up but in a 'good' way -- still no response. Now I know that he's been annoyed from this for a while but even if he's really through with us, why would he just stop talking to me? It happened before, e.g. when I went too far in a fight, he'd stop talking to me until I would have apologized multiple times. Is that normal?


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  • I tend to get quiet as a means of keeping myself from saying really awful things in fights. I've actually had girlfriends tell me they'd rather have me shout the awful things at them than just go silent like I do. Kinda weird. But yes, this is something I've done.

    Also, it's a strategy for dealing with people in conflict. There's a theory that says if you just keep your mouth shut and let the other person keep talking, he/she will end up feeling remorseful and embarrassed because of how one-sided the argument is.

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      WOW! You opened my eyes! That's atleat 50% of the arugments with my boyfriend, and that's EXACTLY how I feel afterward. Thank you.

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      i am ALWAYS the one to stop talking. A the longer I'm quiet the more he pecks on! When does the embarrassment kick in?

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      yeah it would be way better if guys kept quiet in fights..