I have a crush on a girl, But I have a boyfriend?

I have a crush on a girl who I talk to/flirt with in class sometimes. This is my first real girl crush so it kind of scares me. I hope I don't sway towards women soon. I have always watched girl p*rn and have made out with a couple of my girl friends but that's it. I've always liked guys much better. I love my boyfriend though and I feel bad for crushing on this girl. He says if I can get her in a threesome with us, that would be fine. But the thing is, I don't think he would like if he found out I have feelings for her. What do I do?


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  • OK,

    1. the "rules" about cheating apply for girls just the same as for guys. So if you want to have some kind of relationship with this girl, you should break up with your boyfriend first.

    2. IMHO casual sex with people you have real feelings for never works. So A 3-some with this girl and your boyfriend sounds like a bad idea. It'd be better to just have a 3-some with some other girl that you have no feelings for.

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      I couldn't agree more with both points.

      and don't have a 3 some with a random girl and your boyfriend. You don't want to risk him becoming attracted to her and if that happened it would be on you. 3 somes only work out when all parties are random. when all parties are single looking for some fun. If you have two girlfriend with one guy there could be jealousy. If there is a girlfriend and boyfriend bringing in a girl, the guy could be attracted to her and end up pursuing her.

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      @DOllface, thanks for the agreement and thanks for adding your perspective on the 3-somes. It seems a shame to me that a happy healthy couple would have to rule out such a fun event as 3-somes. (I love them, even though I have only had a couple) But I understand how the girl could feel threatened. I guess if a serious couple was going to have a 3-some, it would be up to the guy to make sure his girlfriend felt secure and not threatened.