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Why do men reject me?

OK I've been asking this question for eons...why can't I get a boyfriend..why on earth do men reject me? I look like a gorgeous model...I'm petite,... Show More

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  • Pull your head out of your ass for a second and read this...

    That guy that you go to dinner with every weekend should be your boyfriend and he most likely wants to be your boyfriend. He is what is referred to as "the nice guy." Women never see us because we try not to be too intrusive by doing drastic things (like putting our hands all over you on a date or asking you to be our girlfriends). We take things very slow and respectfully and won't take anything to another level unless you give us permission. By permission I mean you have to give a sign that you want the guy that is so obvious only a retard wouldn't get it. Women always expect the guy to make the first move but the nice guys they complain they can't find don't really make the first move, they (we) will only go as far as you have signaled you're willing to go. Either make the first move on the guy (he'll be relieved) or make it so obvious you want him to do it that it is impossible for him to be confused and just play stupid like he is actually making the first move.

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  • You aren't helping the situation by posting this rambling rant here.

    If you sincerely wanted an answer to the question, you'd have to provide more relevant information in order for people who have insight to give you an honest explanation.

    A good example is in the looks department, as many others have said. You're insistent that you're gorgeous. But if that was self-delusion and you sold yourself to potential dates online that way, and then in person they saw something else... well, I could imagine that would be one reason why they'd treat you like sh*t and move on.

    But that's just one example. It could be something completely different. The truth is, we just don't know given the limited information you provided in the question.

    Now, maybe you don't want to post a picture here for privacy reasons, or something. But at the very least, I'd suggest you contact someone on this site who you think you could trust reasonably well, and take the discussion off line. For example, send them a pic and get them to objectively rate it. Go over what happened on a typical date, in detail, and see if there's something your missing. That sort of thing.

    Of course, if you're not actually interested in an answer, and just want to rant about how men don't appreciate you... well, carry on. You're doing just fine.

  • lets see some pics something doesn't sound right

  • This is the grandmaster of the txalq from planet OBO. We want you back, our little piggly wiggly!

  • how do men reject you when you all you have to do is welcome or deny advances? us guys are the ones that do the approaching

  • Clearly, there is a problem that persists in your relations with guys. The only consistent factor in all of those relations is you. Put two and two together, and...

  • obviously you need a new mirror. if you were really that hot guys would be all over you.

    • im a model and yes I am 'that hot' and that's pretty stupid to even say...lots of guys are intimidated by hot women but still it makes no sense as to why they treat me so badly...

    • so you think every guy out there is intimidated by you? niga please. post a pic and I'll rate you.

    • Yeah post a pic and let everyone judge how "hot you are".

What Girls Said 3

  • Your really a model and don't get guys? I have tha same problem, but I havge never been treated badly. But they never get seroius

  • Umm first start trying not to overthink and over believe ur virtues... .. maybe they really dnt exist... its just hilarious to have someone praising themselves for more than half the post... get real and go get a life XD... and please do give us a pic... we would want to see ur immeasurable beauty and virtues

    • Oh really. Someone describing their beauty isn't praising themselves. You are one sick loser who is negative and evil

  • Because you're cocky and come off as arrogant and self absorbed.

    I couldn't even read your entire question because I felt like you feel like your the most amazing thing to walk this earth, which news flash, there's lots of hot women out there who aren't cocky and self-absorbed.

    Plus you whine about how no one pays you any heed.

    The reason they don't, is because your all about your universe and your sh*t don't stink.

    • Also, she's posted questions like this before and people have asked her to provide a picture in order to judge for themselves.

      Ten bucks says she's looks like a manatee who just has so much confidence and arrogance that people wonder why a sea cow like her should even have a second glance.

    • You're the manatee u psycho. U need serious help u crazy thing

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