Why do men reject me?

OK I've been asking this question for eons...why can't I get a boyfriend..why on earth do men reject me? I look like a gorgeous model...I'm petite, thin nice sweet...caring compassionate monogamous loyal...I'm hot sexy funny cool smart... all in all I'd say I'm the perfect woman...well not perfect... Show More

Most Helpful Guy

  • Pull your head out of your ass for a second and read this...

    That guy that you go to dinner with every weekend should be your boyfriend and he most likely wants to be your boyfriend. He is what is referred to as "the nice guy." Women never see us because we try not to be too intrusive by doing drastic things (like putting our hands all over you on a date or asking you to be our girlfriends). We take things very slow and respectfully and won't take anything to another level unless you give us permission. By permission I mean you have to give a sign that you want the guy that is so obvious only a retard wouldn't get it. Women always expect the guy to make the first move but the nice guys they complain they can't find don't really make the first move, they (we) will only go as far as you have signaled you're willing to go. Either make the first move on the guy (he'll be relieved) or make it so obvious you want him to do it that it is impossible for him to be confused and just play stupid like he is actually making the first move.