Why do women act interested but then back away out of nowhere?

I'm mainly talking about online dating. There have been many times I've gone through the cycle of trying to meet someone from doing the online dating thing. I have had this profile on Plentyoffish.com for 2 years now and I haven't had much luck with it. I have not gotten into any relationship... Show More

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  • I have an answer for you and you are probably not going to like it! I myself have been on several online dating sites, including Plentyoffish. I have learned several lessons from this. People are not always on honest about what they put in there profile. I am not meaning you! In my personal experience most of them just wanted some action and of course that is not what their profile said. I am guessing the reason this is happening is, it could be because they are not actually single they have a spouse/boyfriend and they are doing this on the sly and never intended on meeting someone in person. Another possibilty is that maybe they met someone else and stopped corresponding with others because of it. Also one thing I have noticed and I could be wrong on this. Plenyoffish tends to be more of site for people that want action as opposed to dating and a serious relationship!

    • Everything you said is probably correct. But I mean genuine nice guys have a hard time meeting someone in public, especially a woman who is moving in the same direction as you and looking for the same things in life. It's very tough, so we try the online dating thing to try to give us a fighting chance because we are tired of women generalizing us and saying like we are just like all the other jerk guys who are only looking for instant gratification. I mean everything I say in my profile.

    • Kudos to u. You are an awesome guy. I think some guys need to take some lessons from u. I agree with you 100%. I hope you are able to find a nice honest girl. You deserve it. Take care and good luck.