Why do guys flirt one day and ignore you the next?

Like they flirt with you one day by sending "mwah" through a text or whatever else, and then the next practically ignore the girl the next as if she doesn't exist. Especially when the guy knows that the girl likes him and they are good friends.


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  • Its all a game, on both parts,

    Take it from me, a player, I do what you described when I want to build desire in the other person and it totally worked on you. Don't believe me? Your thinking of him and why he's doing that, its gotten to you so much you had to come on to here to ask about it face it you're stuck thinking about him hardcore not that its a bad thing and not that he's a player I'm just telling you the psychology of it all.

    Another thing I'll do is send my first few texts, that is if I EVER text which I hate because its so impersonal and cowardly in my opinion, but I digress. I'll send the first few texts in a quick response type thing then I'll gradually slow down the speed at which I replay throughout the day. This makes you girls wait for that next text in the same way as above, it keeps me on your mind as well as subconsciously makes me more valuable and seem like a harder catch because you wonder what's taking my attention away from you.

    Any more questions about why guys do what we do when we game and I'd be glad to tell you just ask away, I help girls with this stuff all the time.

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      You are right. I have been thinking of him a lot lately, and it's started to bother me because he's been so distant lately.. But I've kind of gotten used to it. He works nights.

      I have a quick question again though. Me and him were doing that question game and I asked him if he's ever cheated on his past girlfriends, he told me he hasn't. But when I was in the car with him and his brother, he was telling his brother about how he had done it with his last gf's best friend. But lied to me...?

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      Yeah it makes me sound like a d*** but its just that if I can get a girl easily I don't want her and trust I've done it so much its almost 2nd nature so its harder and harder to find the girl that keeps up a challenge. I probably need to chase a fellow player. Odd because the only reason I am one is because I was played, weird how things work out.

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      The only reason I've told other guys about me liking someone else is because they ask me if I do. Yeah I know, I don't HAVE to, but I was being, in a way, nice to them by letting them know since they asked and all, lol?

      And I know for a fact that the guy I like right now isn't a player. He tends to talk about his ex a few times here and there, but nothing big. (They broke up almost 6 years ago...). Which I'm not gonna lie, concerns me. He might still have feelings for her and that alone scares me