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Why would a guy deny his feelings to his crush?

I know a guy who has a crush on me and for some time I have been trying to get him to talk to me but it hasn't worked. His friends tease him whenever... Show More

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  • Some guys have a hard time coming to grips with their feelings and talking about love and romance. It's like the saying: "real men don't cry". I guess your crush did not want to put himself out into the open because he did not want to get hurt or rejected by the girl he likes. Some men are wired like that. Some people are wired like that. Also, your crush could have been very nervous and might not have had enough confidence within himself to admit that he had feelings for you. I hope my advice can help you out in some way or form and best of luck with this guy. Tell me how it progresses okay!

    • thanks! I will try to come up with a way to get him to talk to me..should I just ask him on a date?

What Guys Said 4

  • You could try that. I think that he'll open up a whole lot more if do ask him out on a date. However, only ask him out if you really like him and if you're comfortable with asking a guy out on a date. I hope my advice can help you out somehow and best of luck with this guy! Tell me how it goes!

  • If he's a very shy or nervous guy, then yes he could be denying it.

    He's afraid of putting himself out there and potentially being rejected.

    • if you were that guy would you just want me to ask you on a date then? I felt like I tried my hardest to get him to say something

    • Being that kind of guy, I would want that. Although, speaking from experience, doing so can end either greatly or poorly.

      There's been times where I've been asked out and I've been ecstatic and said yes, but there's been other times where for some reason I was still too shy/nervous and kind weaseled my way out of it; either by avoiding the topic, or by being a jerk and saying yes then breaking it off later or last minute.

      No clue how he'll react, but if you really want to go out with him, try it

  • He could be being honest. He could be shy. He could be afraid.

What Girls Said 1

  • Because he's afraid that you might not have the same feelings he have for you.

    • i thought me actually confronting him about his behaviors would have hinted him that I do notice him and I don't mind his presence..should I have said something else then?

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