Why would a guy deny his feelings to his crush?

I know a guy who has a crush on me and for some time I have been trying to get him to talk to me but it hasn't worked. His friends tease him whenever I am around them. So I ignored him for a few months. We ended up having a class together the next semester and he always stared at me but never said a word. I finally went up to him tried talking to him but he hardly said anything.

After the continuous flirting from him, I later decided to ask him if he liked me because I had the feelings he did (I didn't want to tell him that I have been catching him staring at me)..he said that he does not have a crush on me. I just don't get why he did not admit it since I did make the effort to talk to him.


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  • Some guys have a hard time coming to grips with their feelings and talking about love and romance. It's like the saying: "real men don't cry". I guess your crush did not want to put himself out into the open because he did not want to get hurt or rejected by the girl he likes. Some men are wired like that. Some people are wired like that. Also, your crush could have been very nervous and might not have had enough confidence within himself to admit that he had feelings for you. I hope my advice can help you out in some way or form and best of luck with this guy. Tell me how it progresses okay!

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      thanks! I will try to come up with a way to get him to talk to me..should I just ask him on a date?