How do I get that awful smell on my fingers to go away after masturbating?

It's disgusting & I don't want others to notice. It's really hard to hide the smell too and I end up with lotions and powders on my hands that make the smell even more noticeable. It eventually goes away after a day or so but that's not soon enough. Also I was wondering if other people can smell it--whatever it is--as well as I can? Is there a way to masturbate without sticking my fingers in that area? Sorry. I know, It's a gross subject but I want to be able to pleasure myself without the smell. However, if there is no other way what can I do to get rid of it? Any Advice?


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  • Maybe don't do it.


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  • Um no offense but try to be squeeky clean down there, it shouldnt leave a strong smell all day on your hands.