So my husband thinks I'm ugly?

My husband told me earlier tonight that he loves me, but I'm not physically attractive to him. Apparently he never wanted to marry an attractive woman. He told me if he married a pretty girl he would have to worry about other men making advances or the pretty wife divorcing him for another man.

I was totally shocked when he told me. I wasn't even angry, I didn't even get upset, I just sat in my chair. Shocked. The crazy part is that I don't feel that I'm an unattractive person. Yes, there are far better looking women out there. Women who put me to shame but I'm not a hideous troll! I take care of myself! I run on a regular basis and care about my skin etc.

I just don't understand why he would have married me if he didn't find me attractive. He's never been mean, or abusive to me. We get along very well. I thought we had a good marriage until last night. And now I feel like I should leave him. Why should I be with someone who thinks I'm unattractive?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Wow! I thought when a person loves someone they don't try to harm that person. Makes you wonder what's going on inside his head? You gotta figure out how much it bothers you that he may be a super jealous person. What happens if you have a guy friend? How much does it bother you that he doesn't think you are attractive and maybe settled for you because of his insecurities?