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How do guys feel emasculated?

so, I have been guilty of emasculating men without even knowing it. what do girls usually do to make you feel emasculated?

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  • She'll steal my crate of beer, grab the remote of me and put the football on when I'm clearly watching 'next top model'. Then she'll start burping, scratching her arse, won't even offer me a can, (i'm forced into trying to pinch one when she's distracted, searching for change that's fallen down the back of the couche) and tells to be quiet when I'm quietly talking to my friend about what he's wearing at the weekend. When the football's finished and she's now drunk she'll come over to me (after ignoring me and being rude throughout the duration of the game) and start stroking my crotch, kissing my neck, ''are we going upstairs?...''

    I've had enough... hahahahahahaha

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  • My girlfriend calls me "girl" quite a lot, that does it sometimes...

  • By putting a guy in the friends zone. Any time a chick puts a guy in the friends zone its emasculation. Then, even worse, if a guy hears about this girl getting it on with other dudes he feels like Marvin Milquetoast.

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  • My girlfriend will sometimes physically pick me up if we hug or something, so that'll do it

  • I was with this girl who started teasing about how I'd finish just before her sexually. She was much younger and inexperienced, I don't think she understood the repercussions. That was it for me - never viewed her the same.

    Depends on the girl really. Anything you say that messes with his confidence or makes him feel inferior to you. Espeically about the wrong types of subject matter (his d*** or sexual performance).

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