How do guys feel emasculated?

so, I have been guilty of emasculating men without even knowing it. what do girls usually do to make you feel emasculated?


Most Helpful Guy

  • She'll steal my crate of beer, grab the remote of me and put the football on when I'm clearly watching 'next top model'. Then she'll start burping, scratching her arse, won't even offer me a can, (i'm forced into trying to pinch one when she's distracted, searching for change that's fallen down the back of the couche) and tells to be quiet when I'm quietly talking to my friend about what he's wearing at the weekend. When the football's finished and she's now drunk she'll come over to me (after ignoring me and being rude throughout the duration of the game) and start stroking my crotch, kissing my neck, ''are we going upstairs?...''

    I've had enough... hahahahahahaha