Why did he get so angry? Guys! Would you react like him too?

So my friend asked a guy (who flirts with me a lot, super nice to me, cares about me) whether he likes me or not. He then got so angry and said that I'm not his type of girl and asked my friend if I told her to ask him if he likes me.

WHY did he get so angry?! If he doesn't like me he can say "no" and that's it.. Also, if I really am not his type, why is he flirting with me, be very caring, and tell me his insecurities?

GUYS! (and girls too) I really need your help on this..

Why did he get so angry? Does he even genuinely like me?


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  • It must be because you flirt back and even if he doesn't fancy you, its nice to feel wanted and attractive, and if you are not his type, you sure are his type of personality that he likes to flirt with because of your responce to him. He may of got angry because you didn't ask him yourself in private where no one else could hear his responce, because questions like that alway come better from the source, not third party where it could seem a little childish. If you do like him tell him yourself and even then if he says no, your flirting will still continue if you want it to..

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      wow you are so right!

      if he is only flirting because I flirt back.. how do I know his feelings for me are genuine?

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      By reading your questions and answers, I can tell you both like each other. Yes you was a little harsh think he may be doing a bit of tit for tat (English phrase, you did it to me so I am going to do it to you). Like anonymous said to you, he may be scared of humiliation/rejection but you are clearly attracted to him and vise versa. So why don't you take the leap he's affraid of and ask him out I guarantee he will say yes..