Does ignoring a guy make him want you more?

So I dated a guy for a month and half, but now he says he doesn't want me. But I do! Should I ignore him...become busy with my life again and tha will make him come back to me? any experiences? Is there anything I can do? I have have in my summer classes everyday starting in May


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  • It's kind of interesting as a girl I liked was always looking at me, then when she's being aloof and not acknowledging me, then I start staring at her, so technically if you ignore a guy then he will start trying to get your attention again, but if you continue to ignore him he may give up and move on.


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  • Depends entirely on the reason why he's not into you anymore. If he's just overloaded then maybe going away would fix it but if there's something about you that he doesn't like then I doubt there's much you can do that won't just irritate him.

  • That's a "bad" way to do things because it can backfire on you, but it does have the possibility to gauge his feelings for you.

  • nope, huge turn-off for me

  • Nope. Some chick tried this on me back in high school. I asked her friends what was up with her and they said that she liked me and was just playing hard to get by ignoring me. Well it didn't work. All it did was make things very awkward whenever we were near each other.

  • I hate it with a huge passion


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  • yes! and make sure you look as sexy as EVER

  • definitely focus on your own life and forget about him.

  • guys, please answr..

    Y do you hav to do us?

    I'm in a exact same problem!

    First he wants all my attention nd now, when I've directed it towards him..he won't even bother to look..almost ignores hurts so much! :(