Still a virgin, am I too old?

I know everyone always says that you should wait until you are ready, and I guess that's true, but I'm 16 and still a virgin. I've made out and done a few other things, but never vaginal intercourse. All of my friends have already had sex and I feel like I'm really missing out, or I should have already had it. I am too old to still be a virgin?

Well I had sex for the first time back in February with a guy I have been friends with for about four years. I didn't feel any pressure whatsoever, things were great and we've been dating ever since. All the advice made me feel a lot better though. Thanks


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  • I hope that listening to all these answers has given you the confidence to go on being a virgin. When you find the person you think is right, you will know that you want to be with them.

    I'll put it another way, 14 or 15 or even younger may be the average age to lose your virginity but do you really want to be just average? Strive for something above average. Being a virgin is something you will only have once in your life. Don't waste it, on just some guy, and just because everyone else is doing it, it should be something special.

    By the way this is the first question I've seen with this many answers, this many people took the time to reach out to you, because they think it's important for you to know being a virgin at 16 is not something to stress over. Everyone who answered basically said its something you should cherish not something to be just handed over. I truly hope you are paying attention. Stay strong, being a virgin is not something to be ashamed of, not something you should want to get rid of.

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      Tammy--awesome answer--I too hope she listens and doesn't give in to pressure.

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      Thanks, I have a 15 year old daughter so I just thought about how I would answer if it were my kid asking.