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Why would he ask me to feel his arms muscles?

a guy from work which I see like 2 times a week asked me to feel is arms muscles, it was kind of random is he flirting with me or just being... Show More

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  • obviously he's trying to flirt. whether he means it or not is a different story.

  • he is flirting...unless he is a bodybuilder...does he ask everybody to feel his muscles?

    • nope

    • hes flirting

  • Haha, Clearly he was trying to flirt with you and impress you.

    And, Clearly it did not work very well!

    • Also, gosh your pretty!

  • Many guys ask their guy friends to feel their arms, either way it seems stupid.

  • Haha I'm glad you didn't respond to that and yes he is being flirtatious and arrogant. Men think that women are all into superficial things like that not realizing that when they do that they are coming off as superficial and arrogant themselves especially if it is right out of the blue like that.

  • He is cocky and he is flirting...he is basically tellin you these muscles can be all yours lol and he wants you to touch him, cos he likes makin physical contact with you ;)... I would want you to touch me too :P

    yes he wants to have sex with you :) that's what I think.

  • lol he's still a little kid. he wants to impress you. silly boy...

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