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Why does he contradict himself...

The guy I like who I am really close we had an argument one day about how I don't pay attention to him when he's trying to tell me something... Show More

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  • It sounds like he thinks of you as more than just a friend, and he thinks you see him as just a big brother, it sounds like he wants to have a meaningful boyfriend/girlfriend type relationship with you and is getting frustrated that you don't seem to want more than what you already have with him. This is just my opinion based on what you've said, I could be wrong.

    • I've never said/treated him like a big brother. I am interested in him. I'm shy so maybe that's why he thinks so.

    • Well, he could think that you only see him as a big brother, because of your shyness, because you haven't taken any actions toward him to make him think you're interested in him, my suggestion to you would be say or do something to show your feelings for him.

  • Are you dating this guy? Have you been physical with him?He might see you as more of a little sister than as a partner (or possible partner). Or he might have simply been trying to say he feels protective towards you. I suggest you ask him to define what he means, but using different words.

    • No I never dated him nor been physical. I'm interested in him but he said taht big brother comment yet he says a lot of playful or sexual innuendos.

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