Why is it that some guys will stare at you but not approach you or say "hi"?

It's like when passing by a guy , the guy will usually smile and I will smile back but hardly any of them stops and say starts up a "convo" or even just saying "hi' ..


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  • fear. they're worried of stepping out and doing it for fear of rejection.

    • rejection? starting up a conversation with a random person doesn't equate rejection . It's more of a friendly gesture.

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  • simple answer...alot of guys know that some girls get hit on constantly. And the chances of being successful with a pick based on a glance while on the street is rare. The possiblity of rejection in public can be hard on a guy ego. So the risk may out way the reward. You have to send him an invite if you want him to come talk to you. Just a return glance is not an invite...once an invite is sent then he knows his chances are better and the reward is now well worth the risk.

    • how does one send the invite?

    • use your womanly charms...act it out. There is the cute innocent blushing smile, The strong come over here and get my number finger pull, the slutty smile and lick your lips. The possiblities are endless...just use your imagination.

  • we don't want to. I know its a crazy thought.

    • It's not crazy , it actually makes sense.

  • I just like checking out girls.

  • They don't have anything interesting to say and they know it.


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  • I think they either have girlfriends or I was pretty enough to look at but not pretty in their eyes to approach. I think guys have to be really really attracted to a girl to approach her, if they're only mildly attracted then they'll look from a distance but not make the effort to talk to her