Why don't guys show affection in public?

I know my boyfriend loves me but whenever we go out, he acts like he barely knows I exist. If I ask him a question or try to talk to him in any way, he gives me this look like, "why don't you just go away". He doesn't hold my hand or touch me in any way in front of other people. While I might not be drop dead gorgeous, I'm certainly not embarrassing so I know (or think) it's not because he doesn't want other people to know he's with me. What gives?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, I don't know him so I don't know why he is that way. For example--did he grow up in a family that was emotionally distant? Is he the kind of man for whom appearances mean a lot, so he wants to appear "cool" to other people, like his chick don't have "control" or some crap? I agree with the young lady above, just ignore him the same way--if he says anything, then tell him that is how he makes you feel when he does this to you. If he still balks, and it bothers you enough, let him know that while he doesn't have to be all over you,he has to at least act as if you guys are together, and if he can't try to do this, then you have to move on to someone who treates you with a bit more respect, and cares about your feelings. Baby, sometimes love just ain't enough. If he loves you like you say, then he should be willing to consider your feelings and not treat you like you don't exist in public. Heck, I'd be pissed if a good friend ignored me like that, let alone my hubby. I am lucky I suppose--my man is very loving and expressive--grabs my hand and kisses it--tells me he loves me and holds me tight. I am very blessed. Every woman who wants that in her life deserves that--if he can't give you the love and care and validation you need, let him go and find someone who can and will.