Girls this is why you don't get approached!

In ancient times, warriors put on face paint in order to change their human appearance to that of an extraordinary non-human being, they painted themselves many colors and made themselves look a lot scarier than they actually were

In modern times, pretty much a large majority of girls/women put on similar face paint (aka make-up) in order to look better than they actually do and to exaggerate features etc.

this is why guys don't approach you, because even though you may not think much of yourself, and you think they are in your league, they don't see the real you and assume you are out of their league, and with make up making many many average women above average looking, a lot of girls are considered out of the average man's league

my advice to you is to tone down the make up, look more normal and less supermodel!

what do you think ?


Most Helpful Guy

  • One of the ironies of dating: Women with "fake" appearances wonder why they can't get "real" men.