Why do men get scared so easily? (see details)

If a woman displays her feelings for a man, many times the man gets scared & pushes her away. Why do men have an issue with this & how can a woman show a man she loves him without frightening him?


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  • Well, what do you mean by "displays her feelings for a man"?If it's like: (true story) - "I definitely want to get married within the next 4 years, and I want to have children, with you, our children. But I don't like working; working is just not for me. I've tried it, and I don't like it. I'm better in other things, like staying home, taking care of the house, raising the kids, wearing sexy outfits for you when you come home, all stressed from work." (well, I'm sorry, but no thank you).If it's like: "I love you / I have feelings for you / etc." (that's not a problem, that's not scary).I think, in an effort to avoid saying something so simple, women drive themselves crazy trying to beat around the bush in creative and elaborate ways (and that ends up scaring guys away, because it's NOT NATURAL - IT'S WEIRD!)

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  • perhaps its how they show there feelings

  • women do the same thing. some people are just phobic about commitment

  • i could ask women the same thing. I see it all the time. women run when we tell them we like them. why?

    • yeah well, now you know that men have feelings too, and you can't mess with them

    • that's messed up, usually women are faithful to a fault. I'm sorry you went through that, I hope you find a nice girl.

    • the last girl who told me she "loved me" wound up f***ing the next guy she could find. she said she never wanted to love me and that she only said it because she felt forced to. which I never meant to, she just felt that way. she ran when I tried to show her I did love her, even though I never said it

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  • because he doesn't want to commit. he's scared of being with one girl for a long time