What am I doing wrong? Why don't guys I like notice me?

I only get noticed and approached by old nasty guys (40+ and generally unclean) or losers in my classes who are kind of snobby and rude and have very little in common with me. For this reason, I've never had a boyfriend or even gone out on a date. I don't understand why I've never been approached... Show More

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  • Not to sound ridiculously optimistic or anything, but after reading this, I can tell there is nothing wrong with YOU personally. I agree with goodgrlgnbad there, that maybe it's more in your delivery. At this age, most guys are kind of like zombies. They're still young and have yet to find a place (personally and professionally) to place their focus because there's either too much or not enough to do. So, yes, you should work on being more flirtatious with someone who sparks your interest.

    Do what comes naturally, even if you get nervous and walk away thinking "he must think I'm a complete idiot!" I've written this response many times before, but if you get nervous, use it to your advantage. Control it as much as possible; don't get a heart attack when talking to a guy you like, but don't worry about showing some sign of nervousness or discomfort. Personally, if a girl gets nervous talking to me, I get suspicious, especially if she is shy.

    Like goodgrlgnbad said, send better signals. Bite your lip. Fidget around with your keys, phone, etc. Play with your hair. Ask a friend for flirting advice.

    Bottom line, though, nothing is wrong with YOU personally. Jessica Alba's kind of a cutie, so you've got that in your favor. Be patient, work on those signals, and you'll snag someone great sooner or later.

    • Wow. I wrote a lot. Sorry, I hope you're able to keep your attention throughout all that haha.