Do guys like it when girls approach them first?

i was just wondering if guys like it when a girl asks them out, or ask for their number?or even makes the first move?

personally I can't see myself asking a guy out or even for their jus seems to as being to 'forward'.or has society taught us to feel this way?

wat do you guys thing?


Most Helpful Guy

  • guys liked this even when society thought it wrong. its a compliment. and expressing your feelimgs to guys is one of the biggest turn ons. its always amazed me that girls want to hook up with guys but they don't want to do the thing that turns guys on the most. and that's show there feelings and saying I like you. and if you already feel this way why not do this. yet for some reason girls would rather stroke there hair or bat there eyes and meanwhile th e guy has no clue you like them. there have been girls who admitted to me before they moved away they liked me. I said yea I would have dated you. but I never knew how you felt. so it never happend. don't miss out on opportunities because the guy doesn't know you like him