Why do creepy old guys always hit on me?

i mean 40, 50, 60 year olds? I'm 23. why do these guys always hit on me? why can't a guy my age ask me out already?

with more than half the answer I got, I think I'll just go and puke some more. thanks for some decent answers I guess.


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  • Because they are old creepy guys. Same reason why women 18, 19, 20 date and marry hugh hefner and other rich guys who are old enough to be their father. because your a trophy girls in sense and they wanna feel young again...everyone does. if you were a creepy 50 year old guy you would be hitting on 23 year olds too...yeah you would. so don't be a hypocrite. if you were a 50 year old women and were very attracted to a 23 year old guy would you get with him...thinkabout it and think b4 you judge.

    • inadvertedly you judged my sense of morals. I would not hit on a girl half my age if I were a guy because of my morals and how I worry about what my kids would think of that type of behavior.

      if you're OK with you sister or your mom going out wtih an 80 year old then that's cool because your values are different from mine. thanks for answering though

    • "if you were a creepy 50 year old guy you would be hitting on 23 year olds too...yeah you would. so don't be a hypocrite." Assuming she WOULD do something that she HASN'T doesn't make her a hypocrite. I, too, like to think I wouldn't hit on girls half my age. If they're the same age as my daughter, I expect to respect them the way I respect my daughter.

    • although I agree with you on most of the statment.

      However I hate generalizing, because I am for instense 28 and I am wealthy-thank god- with fair experiance of life, yet I am single and not chasing young girls...because I had a few relarionships that ended up hurting me a lot and made me swore never to get involved in a relationship or have feelings in the first place...and I assure you that I know a few "mature" which is better word guys who only get involved with other mature ladies.

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  • What have you got against old people? They need some lovin' too

    But only younger girls get their d*** hard

    • I doubt it's just you they pick on, your probably hot so that's why they do it

      And for a guy askin you out, you could be the one to initiate aswell just see a guy you like and maybe smile or bat your eyelashes at him, if he responds keep going at it until he walks up to you or you be brave and walk up to him

    • "smile or bat your eyelashes at him" what are you from the 60s :D?

      "or you be brave and walk up to him" that is what is correct to do!

  • see you when you are "creepy 40" :)

    • grow up. the fact is I'm referring to those hitting on me, I do not call all 40, 50, 60 year olds 'creepy. please read the context of the question before answering...

    • most of us answered based on the limited explanation YOU provided up there...

      so I say YOU grow up or explain more that it is a personal matter not a general matter!

  • lol can you tell my dad if you see him that my mum said he needs to get his arse back home because he is in some deep sh*t. =P

  • I can see by your responses that you are obviously prissy and stuck up.Just because older guys find you attractive doesn't mean that they're creepers or pervs or weirdos.You should learn to appreciate older men instead of disrespecting them.One of us may save your life some day.

    • bitter men all around in this post, who still want to know they can still get young women in their fifties. hilarious.

    • Excuse me but Why in the hell would she respect an Old F--k that stares at her? If he were a Gentleman she wouldn't say the things she's saying!! You sound like a creep also!!! Grow Up Dickhead!!

  • Obviously you have a bias towards senior citizens. I seem to hear this a lot from girls. Oh they are creepers and what not. When you get old and someone calls you a creeper don't complain because you are being labelled as one.

    • obviously how older guys act around me makes me sicked, it's biased towards making me puke, yes

  • Men age better then women. In 7 years when your 30 with a lard ass and cottage cheese thighs you'll be begging for a 50 year old to hit on you.

    • hahaha not all 30 year olds are ugly f***s.

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    • complete and utter nonsense...guys keep on telling this to themselves, but every guy above the age of 35 is...well..35. they do not age better...there are just a lot of girls with daddy issues. so they are basically sleeping with their dads...

    • @saklea. Tell me that in a few years when your spending $300 a month on creams to rub on your thighs & face. Why is it any drug store you walk into 98% of their products are for women & for that purpose. I don't think you can even find cellulite or wrinkle cream for men, because we don't have that problem. Not complete and utter nonsense, FACTS

  • Because unlike women, men don't turn to sh*t when they hit 40. 40 year old women are total garbage.

    • yeah because they have children and AGE as a result, raising guys like you... f***er.

  • Typical girl, why don't guys kiss my a** for me. If you would actually put some effort into getting to know a guy, then you will get asked out stupid.

    • cussing around, but not enough balls to do so unanoymously..

  • LOL dirty old men huh


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  • Don't worry I get the same thing so I know how you feel but mostly by 30 - 35 year olds, I know it's grose right?, I honestly think they need to stop doing it and respect young girls and hit on someone their own age, it's just so wrong and creepy. I don't think what others think below, they are so wrong for saying that to you, they obviously don't know what it's like and if they do then they can't say that to you. I just think the much older men have to understand they are not in their 20's any more and their prime time is over, it just groses out us younger people and completely freaks us out. I've been asked by an old guy in a pub once to have a threesome with his old wife... *shudder* don't they know how creepy it is for us?. In DW Sports too, I don't look at guys around me cos most of them are much older there, they check me out in my costume as I walk past lol, like ewww lol, it's so wrong lol.

  • Same thing happens to me all the time. I can't understand it. Do you really think I'm going to pounce on you like a tiger because you're my father's age? Stop lookin' at me, perv.

    Stay strong, sister.

  • Do you look older than you are? :/ If not, then they are just being a bit overly pervy :X

    • why the down vote? T_T

  • Because they can.

  • maybe you appear too matture for guys your age?

  • bitter men all around in this post, who still want to know they can still get young women in their fifties. hilarious.

  • Old guys are desperate for anything young. Maybe you don't appeal to guys your age. Old guys lower their standards for girls in their 20s. If you want them to leave you alone look extremely unapproachable in their presence and don't make eye contact, just look bitchy and they will be too scared to talk to you