What is the best thing to do after you break up with your Boyfriend/Girlfriend?

Well I broke up with my Boyfriend the other day and I wanted to know if talking to him and stuff was ok. This could be like any way of contacting them.

  • Vote A Compltely Ignore
  • Vote B Talk but not that much
  • Vote C Talk average(an hour a night)
  • Vote D Talk a lot (2+ hours)
  • Vote E Talk all the time
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Go cold turkey and stop talking to him for at least a few weeks. Saying hi at school is fine, but no texting, no calling, nothing. It sounds like you may have dumped him, so for his sake (and yours) spare him the teasing that comes with contacting him. And if he dumped you and is still trying to contact you, tell him nicely that he hurt you and you need space to move on.